Cyber (Sex) Monday and Crazy Deals on KDF Lessons

Cyber (Sex) Monday and Crazy Deals on KDF Lessons

Now Is the Time to Buy AND Learn Spanish

Hot Monday

Monday has never been a favorite day.  For most, it’s the beginning of the workweek which brings mixed feelings.

But Cyber Sex Monday, on the other hand, is a time to celebrate.

While officially it’s called Cyber Monday, which is the internet Black Friday, I think it should be renamed.

As you know, most everyone loves sex, and these days so many people are doing it online opposed to in real life, so why not just cross the two together?

Save Money and Buy

I assume you and Cyber Monday need no introduction.  If you like to buy things online (and who doesn’t?) then now is the time to analyze some seriously discounted products and buy them.  With Christmas coming up and presents to get for loved ones (and not-so-loved-ones) wouldn’t you be better off, in the long run, saving hundreds of dollars?

Discounts at KDF

Cyber Monday is not just about getting things for others either. You can capture things for yourself at a discounted rate:  Like courses at Kasa De Franko.  I’m so passionate about teaching Spanish Online and believe that 2019 is the perfect year to either start learning Spanish or continue growing in the language.

Check out my courses here and see the discounts which are for a limited time.

Why Cyber Monday?

If you aren’t big on shopping on Black Friday and want to relax or get some rest, then I don’t blame you.  Cyber Monday is perfect to get great deals still and not have to leave your home.

Keep in mind that these aren’t just one-day events.  According to Ray Wimer a professor of retail practice at Syracuse University “Black Friday is no longer a one-day shopping extravaganza.  It signals a kickoff to a five-day promotional period that concludes on Cyber Monday.” Five days of deals?  This is almost as good as covering a lover in whip cream! No! Cream pie is something else!

The National Retail Federation says that over 160 million people are expected to shop throughout the five-day Thanksgiving weekend and that 71 percent are going to be going to brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday.  However, 54 percent of U.S. shoppers are expected to shop online for simplicity and convenience.

What are you planning on doing?

If you decide to stay home and shop from the convenience of your couch in your Spiderman underwear, then here are some of the best deals you’ll find. 


  1. Samsung Chromebook – $99
  2. 2018 IPAD – $250

Beauty Deals

  1. Base Coat Nail Salon   – 50% off deals
  2. Bastide – 25% off orders of $100 or more
  3. Golden Door – 50% off everything
  4. Lawless Beauty – 40% off everything


  1. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet – $89
  2. Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick – $49.98

Sex Products

Find everything from lingerie, bondage rope, sex swings, and more!

  1. 40% off everything at

More Deals for a Longer Time

Have you noticed that deals are being extended much earlier than usual?  And now they’re going to be lasting a bit longer too.  So, Bigger AND lasting longer:  Horny people clap your hands!

Expect to see deals going beyond Cyber Monday and lasting a full three weeks total of discounted merchandise.

As a breakdown of dollars spent, consumers are expected to average $803 up from $743 in 2017.

Typically, shoppers spend most of their money on kids ($247), significant others ($193), parents ($116), and siblings ($101).  Wishlists tend to feature consumer electronics (68%), clothing (56%), and shoes (41%).  But don’t forget the money we spend on ourselves!  Treat yourself for all that hard work you’ve done this year. Why not cover yourself in whip cream for a change?

Spend wisely and have fun!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.  Although I haven’t offered a deal in the past, I’m seeing that I can reach more students and give them the gift of learning how to speak Spanish by offering a discount.

There is no better time than now to start learning how to speak Spanish online and in person at KDF.  As the world becomes more global, there are incredible opportunities for a person to make more money by being bilingual and don’t forget the social reasons to learn.  It’s just too much fun to inhabit another culture, see the world with new eyes and engage with a beautiful language.


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!