How I learned the verb GUSTAR in Spanish: “Me gusta la marihuana” The best way!

How I learned the verb GUSTAR in Spanish: “Me gusta la marihuana” The best way!

I’d like to start off this review by lying to you. I was super confident that learning Spanish online would be really easy, because after all, I’m one smart guy: “Like Manila El Gorila”

Being completely honest though, I actually thought learning to speak Spanish would be extremely difficult, because in fact, although I like to think I’m pretty brilliant – being a language learner was never one of my strong points. But guess what? Kasa de Franko’s Online Spanish Lessons made me change my mind.

Matter of fact, the only thing I really learned in college was where to find the closest place to buy marijuana (yes, it’s legal where I’m from – I think).

But when it came to Spanish grammar, I was officially confused. This problem in itself (for me) was a fantastic reason to attempt to learn Spanish. And my life change completely when I run into Kasa de Franko. After Franko started helping me, I was able to finally get it. Wait! I am talking about Spanish lessons not my marihuana provider.

Let me tell you one thing – me “gusto” marihuana. Or, wait, is it me “gustar” marihuana. Oh no. Is it me “gustan” marihuana? I learned with Franko that none of them were correct. He is good at it. No, I am not talking about smoking pot. He is good at explaining Spanish grammar. He explained the grammar behind the usage of “gustar” (to like) in Spanish. I have never understood this topic until I met him.

The correct sentence is: “me gusta la marihuana” = I like marijuana.

He explained to me that the literal translation of “me gusta la marihuana” is “marihuana pleases me.” Then, I learned that the structure of the sentence is completely the opposite on both languages.

While in Spanish is:

Object-verb-subject = me gusta la marihuana.

In English is:

Subject-verb-object = I like marijuana.

Little did I know how easy Frankie’s online courses for Spanish would be – and how quickly I’d pick up the language!

Not only were the online courses easy to follow, Franko’s fun, but approachable attitude also that made me feel right at home.

After just a short time with the online Spanish courses, I felt very comfortable with the fundamentals of the language – and not long after that, I was breezing through my local shop and casually saying to the guy behind the counter, “me gusta la marihuana!” “me gustas tú” Just singing like Manu Chau. 

 I highly recommend the online Spanish courses here to anyone. For the beginners who don’t consider themselves very good language learners, to the individuals who are looking to take their skills to the next level. Frankie was an excellent teacher!

Me gusta Frankie!

Thank you,

Rick Aubrin