The Legend of “La Llorona” in the Spanish Culture

The Legend of “La Llorona” in  the Spanish Culture

With a new movie set to be released in 2019, an ancient legend gets a re-awakening.  Do you think you can handle her?

If you hear a woman weeping but do not see her, run.  She will bring you to ruin, find your children, and kill them.  She might even kill you.  She’s waiting to meet you and terrorize you.

She’s not your ex-wife or mother-in-law; guess again.

What do you know about La Llorona, the weeping woman?

La Llorona has circulated through chilling myths and folklore among Hispanics across Latin America and the United States for over five hundred years.

Denied from entering heaven and forced to wander the Earth for eternity, searching for her drowned children, Llorona is caught between the spirit world and the living.

And you thought you had it bad.

Legend states that a young, poor woman named Maria was taken in by a wealthy nobleman traveling through her village.  He fell in love with her beauty and married her.  After years of him traveling, and falling out of love with her, one day Maria saw her husband riding a carriage with another beautiful woman.  So distraught, angry and confused she grabbed her two children and threw them into the river, drowning them.  When she saw their lifeless bodies floating, she realized what she had done.  She jumped into the river hoping to die with them but lived.

Now as a spirit, she spends eternity looking for her children in the river.  Legend states that if you hear her weeping, you must run the opposite way and that if you can hear her, it can bring misfortune and death.


Those who have claimed to see her say that she appears at night or in the late evening by rivers.  She is noted as crying out, “Ay mis hijos!”

It’s said that when her crying sounds are near she is far and when they are distant she is very close.  Better check your surroundings right now!  Do you hear anything unusual?

If you do see her, it won’t be the first time.  La Llorona was potentially seen and videotaped in Mexico City as a mysterious figure in the middle of an intersection one day on September 18, 2016.  She is seen standing still while cars move directly in her path.

At least if you hit a ghost you can’t be charged for manslaughter!

Besides wandering in the city streets of Mexico, La Llorona is also known to haunt areas in the United States like Santa Fe.  Legend states that those who don’t treat their family well will be paid a visit by her.  She will bring death, doom, and fear into her victims.  Words of advice:  Bring your wife flowers and tell your mother you love her.

In South America kids play a scary version of hide and seek where the seeker plays La Llorona and calls after the hiders screaming, “¿Dónde están mis hijos?,” which means “where are my children?”

One lady even had a personal encounter with La Llorona when she was a little girl.  She was talking to her boyfriend and felt an icy chill.  She was paralyzed, frozen in place.  With her phone in her hand, lying on the bed, she saw the apparition in the doorway.  Staring.  The ghost dressed in all white wouldn’t allow her to move, and just stared at her.  She lived to tell her tale, at least; but will you?

Now a new movie La Llorona is coming to theatres set for Spring of 2019.  New Line Cinema’s latest tale in the legend of the weeping woman looks to be quite scary and bring you and your children nightmares for life.

Have you heard a weeping woman lately?  If so, it may be too late.

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