April 23rd! Spanish Language Day Celebration: Get Dirty! I Mean Smart

April 23rd! Spanish Language Day Celebration:  Get Dirty!  I Mean Smart

Happy Language Day

Most people think that April 23 is just another day to lay around in their briefs and read about how bunnies eat their

poop, but they are wrong.


Do you know the story of an ordinary man named Don Quixote who becomes a gallant knight and goes on wild adventures with his sidekick Sancho, revealing that he is a giant fool with a sweet heart and a strange imagination?

The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha, the literary masterpiece turned hit musical which inspired the favorite song The Impossible Dream was written by author Miguel de Cervantes who lived in Spain from 1547-1616.

Here is the reason why on April 23 the World Day of the Spanish Language is celebrated.

The character Don Quixote became the universal symbol of the Spanish language as his personality fit the strengths, weaknesses, flaws, and aspirations of human life.  It is considered one of the best and most famous pieces of fiction written all time; how long do you think 50 Shades of Gray will last?

The reason Cervantes gets the honor of having a day created for him (and not President Trump or the Creepy Burger King King), is that his work brought tremendous rank, fame, and power to the Spanish language and society.  The story has been carried throughout history for over 500 years:  That is the power of language.  Swear words have probably been carried even longer; muttered when a guy took a very stinky number two in the dug-out hole just 30 seconds before.

I can teach you to swear words.  Let’s leave nothing off the table unless it breaks the table.  Then there’s a problem.

Sexy, Sensual & Sweet

The beautiful, sensual, and sexy language of Spanish, spoken by more than 400 million people throughout the world gets a mighty fist bump from the United Nations on April 23, who also celebrates English Language Day!  They observe the holiday to coordinate with Copyright Day and William Shakespeare’s birthday.  Let the taps flow and for God sakes, don’t copy others material; you will be sued! (I’ve got my eyes on you!)

What is Language? (baby don’t hurt me, no more)

Language separates us from other animals and provides a sharing of symbolic elements, brings us to laughter, tears, and shows how culture is intertwined with it.  Water in English is Agua in Spanish, Happy in English is Feliz in Spanish:  This is the beauty of diversity!

The Spanish language contains beautifully rich expressions and features different influences from being invaded by Arabs in the Middle Ages, to Vulgar Latin, and other romance languages like Portuguese, Italian, French, and Catalan.

Languages and their use maintains the cultural traditions of people, transmits ideas, and facilitates everyday conversation, exchanging views, opinions, and best burger joints or best buns on 5th street.

Now You Know

To commemorate this wonderful holiday many libraries and cultural centers will have films, book fairs, readings, and workshops.  I will have a party in my pants, and you are invited.

On April 23, now you know, that El Dia del Idioma Español is happening.  It began in 1926 as Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andres proposed to have a special day dedicated to celebrating literature, and as the idea and observation of the holiday spread throughout Spain in 1964, the celebration was adopted by all Spanish-speaking countries.

Finally, a holiday that isn’t a complete joke like Bean Day, Sweetest Day, and Gingerbread House Day

Spanish is spreading like a sweet virus in the United States.  As hard as some people try, like a big stiffy in a schoolteacher’s pants, you just can’t keep a good thing down.

With more than 400 million speakers of Spanish worldwide and over 33 million in the United States, Hispanics are the most significant minority in the United States. And it’s time to learn how to speak Spanish.

You have landed the best place to learn Spanish: Kasa de Franko

Imagine traveling to Spanish speaking cultures and screaming Goal at the top of your lungs, having an intimate whispered conversation with a sexy lady or man and generally speaking with people, and understanding them.  Understanding how to speak, use, and read Spanish can give you insights that monolinguals do not get. As you grow older and your memory begins to fade, the act of learning a foreign language keeps your mind sharp, active, and dirty-I mean smarter.

Do the right thing, learn Spanish today.


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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