Free Online Spanish Lesson – Beginners Only!

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Free Online Spanish Lesson – Beginners Only!

October 24, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

About this Event

Kasa De Franko’s Spanish Socials: Free Online Spanish Lesson!


Limited spots available.




(If you have taken a Beginner’s class, you already know too much!)


Fill out this Google Form first by clicking here.


Did you know that studies show that with more alcohol you can “espik” better “Spanyol?”


Yes! Drinking alcohol can help you learn another language! Even if you have a very basic knowledge of Spanish, after a glass of wine or a beer (or two), we know you will speak Spanish fluently.


We are inviting complete beginners to join us for a FREE intro to the wonderful world of ‘Spanyol.’ While a little basic knowledge of the language is okay, please take into consideration that this session will be tailored to those who have little to no experience with the Spanish language.


On Saturday, we will be discussing the following topics:


1) Introduction to the Spanish language, Basic Greetings & Numbers


2) You will be able to ask and tell: your name, your origin, your residence, the languages you speak, your likes, etc. (Using sentences in the first, second and third person).


3) How to Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation.


4) Spanish is the new English: Why should we learn Spanish?


If you are a Complete Beginner™, please register for the event by filling out this Google form. We will let you know once we have received your registration whether you have secured a spot or have been put on the waiting list.


If you are interested in trying a free event, but you are a more advanced student, please let us know. We will be organizing more free events in the future and we would love to know how we can provide opportunities for all levels of Spanish Learners!


In order to take part of any of our future events, please fill out this Google form to tell us your experience with the Spanish language. We will make sure we notify you once we set up another free event.


About KDF Spanish Socials:


Kasa De Franko (KDF) is a well-established Spanish Language school in the Bay Area.


Born in Silicon Valley, Kasa de Franko is expanding her horizons to other latitudes within the American continent. In the future, we may expand our horizons even beyond our continente americano. For now, we are reaching out to our community in the Bay Area and other regions in North America.


At KDF, we not only love teaching Spanish, but also learning about other languages and cultures. Franko, the owner, is a polyglot, speaking a total of six languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin. An experienced Spanish Teacher, he has been teaching Spanish and other languages for more than 15 years.


KDF has always been Franko’s dream, and now the dream has come to fruition. Through fun and informative lessons, he strives to help others gain confidence and fluency in Spanish.


Franko understands that learning a language is a life-long process, and that it is not an easy path. Although Spanish is his native tongue, his studies of other cultures and languages continues; he definitely understands that learning a language is not an easy task.


However; he also understands how to make learning fun, and that (at least socially) alcohol can lower your inhibitions to help improve your spoken ‘Spanyol. Give it a shot (literally) and you will be speaking Spanish in uno, dos, tres minutos!


At KDF, we are a group of friends who love Spanish and the Hispanic Culture. KDF is our family. Like family, we work to recreate an environment similar to how you learned your first language.


There is no expectation of fluency at our meet-ups. You are welcome to use your Spanish skills just at the level you are and limit your conversation to the vocab you have. Think in Spanish!


Speaking a new language is like being a kid again. It feels like being an actor. Let somebody else make the mistakes. Be somebody else: Speak Spanish! Alcohol may help.


Spanish Socials are led by Franko and are intended to encourage using Spanish in a real-life context and relaxed environment. Participants will introduce each other and converse with others getting to know each other. No agenda. Just speaking and thinking in Spanish. This is not a structured class in which you will expect a grammar lesson.


Come join us para hablar Spanyol! Are you down?


P.S. Drinking is not actually required. ¡No necesitas estar borracho! ¡Nadie es perfecto!


Event Group Size Policy:


1. From 6:00 p.m. to 17:30 p.m. if 7 attendees or more.


2. From 6:00 p.m. to 7:00. if 6 attendees or less.


Please be aware that videos and/or pictures taken in any of our online events may be used for marketing purposes.


October 24, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Kasa De Franko
(408) 469-1511