Get Selfless and Give a Soldier a Thanks or a Kiss, it’s Veterans Day

Get Selfless and Give a Soldier a Thanks or a Kiss, it’s Veterans Day

It’s time to sanitize your hands, clear your throat, and give thanks to the many brave soldiers who served in the U.S. Military this November 11th.

On November 11th, enjoy a government-sanctioned holiday that honors the might of the USA and its living legacy. Not just the Kasa De Franko legacy, who teaches the second-most spoken language online and in-person at KDF Spanish School, but the U.S.A.

This Veterans Day, consider finding a parade or a veteran and tell him, “thank you for your service, amigo.” Next, give him a kiss on the cheek. Then apply a warm embrace. Then run for your life if he starts getting angry. If you can’t find a veteran, consider signing up for a class appropriate to your learning level at KDF. You are free to do whatever you want, it’s your holiday to choose

Why it’s Special
Día Conmemorativo, Ventilación, Memorial, Bandera

Veterans Day honors the fallen warriors who died in combat, and those still alive and kicking. It also gives many stressed out bank workers and other U.S. employees a much-needed day off, but not all.

In America, the government doesn’t enforce the observation of all seven national holidays or religious ones. Businesses have a choice if they want to close. Fast food restaurants, like Taco Bell, will be handing out sacks like NFL quarterbacks dish handoffs.

And at KDF Spanish School (online and in-person), we take Veterans Day seriously but remain open for business. We believe that celebrating a living language is a gift, mainly because it comes with so many rewards. At KDF we give a big “Thank You” to all those who’ve served in the military and fought for our freedom.

What is Veterans Day All About?
Ejército, Batalla, Camuflaje, Soldado De Infantería

Veterans Day is a day that the government doesn’t care about what kind of underwear you wear; that’s for you to decide. You can pay tribute with a camouflage thong, go commando Joe, or just clothe yourself normally: Be a wild stallion, lounging lioness, or a celebrated U.S. military service member who earns recognition for putting their life on the line, so you can HAVE the choice to wear whatever type of underwear you want.

To adults, the holiday offers a mixture of things, because people’s lives are complicated and diverse. How you feel on Veterans Day depends on your love life, health, financial status, and other concerns you may have.

 Some people will take the holiday with a grain of salt. The heartaches of failed romances, traversing the trials of life and love. Some people may not know there is a holiday and may be confused about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

For those who forget what Veterans Day is about, we allow their ignorance and pray for their salvation.

We at KDF wish you the best Veterans Day holiday ever. We wish you and your family many blessings and pay our respects to the brave service members who’ve fought, served, and died for our country. 

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