How “To Make A Killing” in Spanish

How “To Make A Killing” in Spanish
How To Make A KIlling With Spanish Lessons

You know that you’ll be picking up the slang words the more you get emerged into Spanish lessons anyway, right?

Okay, maybe we’re going to see a nice little injection in our revenue stream when our Spanish school offers a discount on all private and group adult lessons. If we were to say that if you signed up today, We would give you a 15% discount, would you be interested? Well, assuming you, some of your friends, and many other people you may or may not know choose to take advantage of that offer, it brings us to a very interesting example of the Spanish idioms you should learn.

Well, by using our 15% discount example (which we will give you if you sign up today), you could say in Spanish: “Haga su Agosto.”

In other words, we’re making a killing. Well, in all honestly we’re getting by. Well, we’re doing okay but could use a bit more income but that’s a whole different story. The point of this lesson is to get across to you in our simple Spanish class that idioms are part of the Spanish cultural dialect. You know, sort of the way slang has become a solid form of communication in the English language.

But to understand how exactly we’re making a killing (remember, this is just an expression, wink, wink) we have to look into the history of the phrase.

Haga su Agosto is literally translated to “make his August.” This term dates back several decades, possibly centuries, and is believed to have been born from the agricultural industry. You see, August is the main harvest month, and farmworkers are pressed to get the crops off the fields as quickly as they can to meet the end of the season. This sort of work schedule helps the workers to earn “easy money” or “quick money” from their hard work. There is also a somewhat negative connotation to the phrase when the origins of the “easy money” are a tad on the sketchy side. Again, a whole different blog post for another time.

The main point here is that a good, well-harvested field results in more food and more money in the off-season. It also means that temporary farmworkers have options during summer to “make a killing” in the fields earning good pay for a short period.

So what have we learned here?

The phrase: “Haga su Agosto.”

Translates to mean: “Make his August.”

The Meaning: To make/earn a great deal of money in a hurry

English equivalent: “To make a killing.”

In Conclusion

We used ourselves as the example here, simply because we thought it would make understanding the “Haga su Agosto” lesson a bit easier. That’s the fun part of our Spanish class. We will teach you Spanish idioms such as this one as you help us to make a killing. Seriously, if you sign up today for any of our adult Spanish classes, we will give you a 15% discount. Then when you leave the class saying “Haga su Agosto” you will be able to tell your friends how you made that happen!

If you wanna make a killing, click here.


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