The Melody Of Love – What Is Hotter Than Latin Dancing?

The Melody Of Love – What Is Hotter Than Latin Dancing?
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Shakespeare once wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” For centuries, people have shown their feelings for one another through songs. With or without lyrics, music conveys emotion. The lyrics to a particular song, however, can sometimes say what we long to when we can’t find the words.

Listening to songs from around the world is the cheapest way to travel. Music and language are gateways to other cultures. The emotions within are universal, the expression of them, unique.

Songs are not only an excellent way to express our feelings, but they are also a fantastic tool for learning. The catchy beat of a song helps us remember lyrics once we learn them. The poetry adds to our vocabulary. When we mimic the singer’s diction, it helps develop proper pronunciation.

But, back to love. Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful love song? Spanish is beautiful, sensual, and heart-stirring (after all, it is a Romance language!) The accent is sexy, and who knows amor better than those who speak Spanish?

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Spanish canciones not only express romance in words, but in rhythms. What is hotter than Latin dancing? If you have two or more left feet, though, you can still allow the songs to evoke the rhythm of love.

From the classic to the modern, there are thousands of songs you can choose from to woo your lover. Where do we find them? Well, there are playlists on Spotify, top ten lists all over the web, You Tube, Spanish radio, Latin music channels on cable, and your own imagination! (If you are a poet, it’s a lovely challenge to write in another language.)

Many lyrics have been translated so you can discover the gist of the song (although something is almost always lost in translation) It’s sometimes more romantic, however, to just get lost in the poetic ocean of the rhythms and rhymes.

Where to begin? Here are a few suggestions:

Bésame Mucho by Andrea Bocelli

In this song, the singer begs his lover to kiss him (a lot), “as if tonight were the last time.” Slow and wistful, Bocelli’s voice expresses longing that the night might last forever.

No Sé Tú by Luis Miguel

A classic slow burner, No Sé Tú is a song of a man’s longing for a woman he doesn’t know, but with whom he spent a single night of passion.

Si Tú No Estás by Rosana

This is a lovely song from a woman’s point of view, wherein she tells her lover how she doesn’t want or know how to live without him. It is a beautiful song about a couple who have gone through a lot together.   

No Me Ames by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

For a while, J-Lo and Marc Anthony were the most romantic couple on the planet. Their song “No Me Ames” reflects the classic struggle between the bliss of love and the agony of potential loss.

Tú by Shakira

When I think “sexy Latina,” Shakira comes immediately to mind. Tú is the song of a woman ready to give her all for the one she loves. Listening to Shakira, in English or Spanish, is guaranteed to get the love endorphins flowing.
Whether it’s to romance your true love (or even if your true love is yourself) love songs are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Dim the lights, pour the vino, and enjoy the language of love!

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