A woman’s evolution into a hero: The defeating of the Spanish Language Villain! Part 1.5  

Learning Spanish: the only superpower she needed to overcome her villainous archenemy

Defeating that monster called Spanish can look overpowering: But it is possible! Actually, you can discover that learning a new language is like getting a superpower

There is a villain in our midst. A super-villain, some might say. It resides among us and interferes with our day-to-day lives, creating tension, confusion and sometimes, even fear. Miscommunication lives and thrives in plain sight but is no less dangerous than a foe that hides in the shadows. The power of a Spanish language barrier infuses personal and professional relationships with frustration at the least, disaster at worst.

But when you’re able to blast through that barrier, your life changes forever. Once you possess the power to overcome this language obstacle, the experience can be more than religious. You may feel as celestial as floating in infinite space, weightless and free.  The power acquired after learning the Spanish language is not only satisfying. It’s orgasmic.

Miranda Hopkins, a 27-year-old event planner from California, is slaying the menace, once and for all. After years of struggling with Spanish-speaking clients, Hopkins felt helpless. Her interactions were clunky and ineffective, causing her to not only lose precious business, but fail to gain the satisfaction of helping someone in need of service. A dark cloud hung over Miranda’s business and her linguistic enemy was winning, time and time again. That Spanish Language Villain had been victorious in far too many battles. Poor Miranda. She always felt devastated and defeated.

Hopkins knew she had to make a change.

So, how do you defeat a powerful archnemesis? Classic superheroes scale tall buildings or possess amazing strength, but how could she find HER superpower? No need for a cape, tights or an identity-protecting mask, she soon found.

She needed a WEAPON.

By working with some of the internet’s best Spanish Guru, Miranda took the first step towards a superhero status. Kasa De Franko’s conversational Spanish lessons gave her the strength and confidence she needed to attack and defeat her language barrier rival. Soon, she was impressing clients with her Spanish skills and, within weeks, was planning a large, lucrative, Día de los Muertos celebration for a prestigious, Spanish-speaking client.

All the sudden, she found herself planning funerals, births, baby showers, house-warming parties, political rallies, first-times and rite of passage events, funerals, divorces, fights, classes, gatherings, baptisms, confirmations, witches’ Sabbaths, quinceañeras and all sort of crazy Hispanic events. You know in the Hispanic culture there is always a reason to celebrate and get a padrino (godfather) and drink mucha cerveza.

In the coming weeks, Miranda will hang festive decorations, plot out refreshment orders and hire entertainment for the party, “hola guapos y guapas.” Her newly-acquired Spanish superpower will need to be keenly focused if she wants to keep the evil miscommunication foe at bay. With the help of Kasa De Franko, she’ll be able to do just that. Soon, Miranda will overcome her nemesis, improve her business and better serve her community. If that’s not a superhero, I’m not sure what is.

Now, Miranda Hopkins is trying to get her friends on board with her. As she loves them too much, she would love for them to be part of this Spanish Hall of Justice: Not even Kryptonite can defeat her now. ¡Ella es muy ponderosa! Armed with the language tools and training she needed, Miranda is super powerful now; even more than the Powderpuff Girls!

We ALL have the potential of becoming SPANISH-SPEAKING-Super Heroes! (SSSH)


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!



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