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  • Kasa De Franko is a school for Spanish & Language Studies in San Jose & the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • In-person & online Spanish programs for both children & adults.
  • KDF’s Instructors, Teachers &  Tutors have well-rounded academic and multicultural backgrounds.
  • Get the tools to learn Spanish as kids do: understanding & mimicking.
  • Students get immersed in a new culture in interesting and fun ways.
  • Dare to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture with our sister company in Northern Peru: Koslachek Spanish Immersion Programs for Adults!
  • Learn Spanish the way you learn your first language!
  • Think in Spanish! Speak it! Use it!
  • Other languages: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, etc.

Live, Learn & Travel!​

  • Don’t Just Learn Spanish: Live It!
  • Experience Spanish in Peru: Tours & Cultural Immersion Courses!
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Spanish Lessons - Karen M.
Karen M.

What a Blast!

What a BLAST!!! Nothing compares to learning from a native speaker and a brilliant one at that. Studying Spanish with Kasa De Franko was an incredible experience. The teachers were highly knowledgeable and passionate about the language. They created a dynamic learning environment where I felt comfortable asking questions.

The curriculum was well-structured, covering grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Thanks to Kasa De Franko, I have gained fluency in Spanish and have a deeper appreciation for Hispanic culture.

Spanish Lessons - Laura B.
Luara B.

A Truly Game-Changer!

I was born in Mexico, but grew up in California speaking Spanish with family and friends. Taking classes with Professor Franko has helped me to improve my Spanish as a native speaker. I had the pleasure of studying Spanish with Kasa De Franko, and it was truly a game-changer for me.

They tailored the lessons to suit my learning style and pace, which helped me progress quickly. The interactive nature of the classes, with various activities and exercises, made learning Spanish enjoyable and engaging. Kasa De Franko provided me with the tools and confidence to communicate effectively in Spanish, both in formal and informal settings. I am grateful for the invaluable language skills I acquired through their program.

Spanish Lessons - Jhonathan L.
Leslie L.

Our Son Loves Spanish!

Due to Franko’s great style and approach, our son now loves learning Spanish. Franko’s holistic approach (working with grammar, vocabulary, dialog, and pronunciation) ensures that our son is immersed in and really learns the language. Our son finds Skyping with Franko to be very effective.

Kasa De Franko made learning Spanish an unforgettable journey. Kasa De Franko’s dedication to my progress and their unwavering support throughout the course made all the difference. I can now confidently navigate Spanish-speaking countries and connect with people on a deeper level.

Spanish Lessons - Vera F.
Vera F.

Franko Makes Learning Fun!

I took several levels of Spanish with Franko and highly recommend his courses to anyone who is interested in learning the nuances of this beautiful language. His classes will not only allow you to become proficient in Spanish, but also develop a much deeper appreciation for Latin American cultures.

Franko makes learning easy, relevant and fun. He is really passionate about teaching and frequently adjusts the curriculum based on the specific needs of his students. Are you ready to sign up?

Also, if you’re ready to embark on an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom and allows you to immerse yourself in the richness of Latin American culture, why not also consider an amazing experience with Koslachek Tours? The combination of learning the language and exploring the destinations with Koslachek Tours can make your learning journey even more enriching.

Spanish Lessons - Rachel Y.
Rachel Y.

Well-Designed Lesson Plans!

Franko’s lesson plans are well designed and include material that makes learning fun. He makes you feel very comfortable and progresses through the language in a very logical way. I highly recommend Franko for individual and group lessons. He will help you learn Spanish with correct pronunciations so you will sound like a native speaker.

Kasa De Franko exceeded my expectations in every way. The teachers were not only highly qualified but also incredibly supportive. They tailored the lessons to my individual needs and learning style, ensuring that I made progress at my own pace.

Spanish Lessons - Liza K.
Liza K.

Franko is a Great Teacher!

I studied with Franko in 3 groups as well as in private lessons. Franko is a very cool teacher. Not only he is brilliant and articulate, but he also makes even difficult exercises fun and memorable. Franko provides almost miraculous motivation to complete homework and practice between lessons.

He is also technically savvy, so studying over Skype is not a problem. He builds the student community by organizing events and parties where students of different levels can meet for practice and fun.

Spanish Lessons - Jarred M.
Jarred M.

Franko Made Learning Easy!

I took classes with Franko back at USF as part of a conversational component with our Spanish classes that varied from 1 to 2 times per week. I have always been drawn to learning Spanish and had a passion to learn. Franko made learning easy and enjoyable.

All of his classes were filled with valuable content that helped me to expand my understanding of the language. The biggest reason why I enjoyed it, was his ability to make his classes fun and engaging to all students. I highly recommend Franko if you’re interested in learning Spanish and want to do so in a fun environment!

Jeremy G.
Jeremy G.

Franko’s Approach is Dynamic!

Combining his passion for language and his deep knowledge of Latin culture, Franko’s approach to teaching is dynamic and effective. His experience in the field allows him to deliver quality results for seasoned Spanish speakers and novices alike.

Along with delivering the material concisely and effusively, Franko is very friendly and available to provide learning opportunities outside of the classroom – even being a tour guide for some of his students on a trip to his native Peru. If you want a full Spanish language immersion – look no further.

Tony Y.
Tony Y.

A Great Program For Kids!

This is a great Spanish learning program. My daughter has been making great progress in Spanish from zero knowledge. We will continue to learn Spanish with Franko. He is a great teacher, very nice to all students and teach them with all his passion! Great Teacher and great Spanish Class!

I am truly amazed at the progress my daughter has made in her Spanish learning journey thanks to Kasa De Franko. The teachers are dedicated professionals who have created a warm and welcoming learning environment. They have made my daughter feel comfortable and motivated to actively participate in classes. The instructional materials are fun and engaging, which has helped maintain my daughter’s interest in the language.

Alejandro O.
Alejandro O.

Juan is an Amazing Instructor!

Kasa de Franko Spanish School is an incredible program to learn and improve your Spanish skills. I did not learn Spanish as a child, but instead began learning as a young adult. I was often struggling with my confidence when speaking to Spanish-speakers, as I was embarrassed when communicating incorrectly.

This is where Kasa de Franko Spanish School came in and helped tremendously. I have been working with Juan and the Learn Spanish Speaking program. Juan is an amazing instructor and always makes me feel comfortable as I struggle and learn with my Spanish-speaking skills. Juan takes his time and never has a problem repeating what he says when I am unable to understand. I have never once felt uncomfortable and embarrassed when speaking with Juan, and this in turn has helped boost my confidence when speaking to fluent Spanish-speakers. I highly recommend Kasa de Franko Spanish School, especially if you are struggling with your confidence in speaking Spanish!

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