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Online Spanish Classes for Adults

Our Online Adult Spanish Programs offer private, semi-private & group lessons. Kasa de Franko’s (KDF)  courses:

Our courses encourage students to take advantage of non-traditional and effective teaching styles, well-structured curricula, virtual learning systems, flexible schedules, and native instructors.

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Adults Learn Spanish Online

In our Spanish for Adults Programs, students have access to a variety of programs according to their needs & schedule. We don’t just teach Spanish. Our passion is to share our culture with students to immerse themselves in the Hispanic culture.

Meet new friends & learn Spanish the way Hispanic kids learn it! Our main goal is to offer students the Spanish language’s real flavor in a real-life context with a native speaker. Don’t waste time with robotic apps & boring dictionaries. Speak Spanish fluently and, even better, sound like a human being when saying it.

Dive into the Spanish culture! KDF’s method combines the communicative approach with applied grammar concepts. This allows our students to learn to speak Spanish in context—the natural way. Our students learn to speak Spanish like a local. Speak it! Use it! Become fluent in Spanish while having fun. Learn it with real-life people, and stop sounding like a robot.

Online  Spanish Courses Designed for Adults

Our Learn Spanish Speaking Program provides students an opportunity to practice what they learn in a regular class setting. Our students can interact with their native tutors in private sessions. Our tutors offer immediate feedback for pronunciation, vocab, and rhythm.

In our Small Group Lessons, our students interact with others learning in a small setting. Our SGL never exceeds six students. Our more experienced instructors teach these courses.

If you prefer to go at your own pace and have your instructor’s undivided attention, our Private & Semi-private Lessons are for you. Our Online Adults Spanish classes allow our students to get immersed in the Hispanic culture.

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