Small Group Lessons

Kasa De Franko offers Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Introductory Programs. Each program is divided into different levels.

Students with no Spanish knowledge must enroll in one of our Beginners courses and engage in a fun & immersive introductory Spanish course.

KDF offers a variety of courses from which students can pick based on their availability & learning style.

Free Spanish Lesson!

The Non-Immersive Pre-Basic Spanish program, exclusively taught in English, is designed to cater specifically to beginner students, emphasizing grammar comprehension in small classes.

Prime Time Spanish Adult Program, exclusively tailored for working adults seeking evening classes, emphasizes immersion, conversational Spanish, and flexible scheduling options for convenience.

Early Bird Spanish program offers immersive classes on weekdays before 6:00 p.m. (PST), providing discounts and flexible scheduling options for convenience and accessibility.

At what time are the classes?

It all depends on your availability and preferences. Our Small Group Lessons are divided into three main categories:

The main difference between these categories is timing, methodology, and/or affordability. Early Bird Spanish & Prime Time Spanish courses are offered at different times of the day.

Prime Time Spanish courses are offered after office hours. Early Bird Spanish courses offer more attractive discounts and competitive fees.

Both Early Bird Spanish & Prime Time Spanish courses are offered as all-Spanish immersion programs. If you prefer not to be in an all-immersion program, the Pre-Basic Spanish courses are your best option.

Pre-Basic Spanish (PBS) courses are specially designed as a non-immersion & slow-paced program. PBS courses are for students who take their time to absorb class material & prefer grammar explanations in English before they can speak a new language.

What do I learn in a KDF course?

Well, that depends on your level & the type of Spanish course you sign up for. For example, after the very first lesson of our Prime Time Beginners Level 1, you’ll be able to say your name, your origin, your residence, your work, the languages you speak in the first, second, and third person.

What happens after finishing all Introductory Conversational Courses? After completing all introductory conversational courses, students continue speaking Spanish in our KDF’s ¨Talleres de español¨ “Español Temático” continuation programs.

Laugh & Learn

According to the American Psychological Association, laughing helps you learn:  Humor boosts retention. Therefore, in our Conversational Spanish Courses Online, our students will have fun and learn real-life Spanish. In other words, laugh and learn! Why is that? Learning has to be fun to be more effective.

Learn Spanish for Life!

That is, we can’t promise you will learn Spanish in two weeks. Why is that? Because that’s impossible! Think about how long it took you to learn your native tongue. Right? It takes time & tons of patience to master a language.

We can promise you our KDF team will support you in your Spanish language fluency journey.

Kasa De Franko’s Conversational Spanish Courses Online uses our own learning material: Some of this material is complimentary.

Learning for life means emphasizing the communicative approach to encourage conversation in context. Why? For one thing, Spanish learning has to be meaningful to students’ lives.

Talk to real-life people!

Don´t talk to robotic apps. Talk to real-life people. Our Conversational Courses Online allow students to practice their Spanish in real-time & with real-life people.

Taste the authentic flavor of the Spanish language. For that reason, we want you to learn it the natural way.

Learn Spanish the same way Hispanic kids learn it. Speak and learn Spanish as you learned your first language: As a real human being. Don’t speak Spanish like a robot. You are not a robot & neither are we!

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