Small Group Lessons Online

Conversational Spanish Courses Online!

Because of our ”rule of six,” our Conversational Spanish Courses Online are the best way to learn Spanish. That means that our conversational courses never exceed six students. At Kasa De Franko, our small group lessons allow our students to learn a new language, socialize, meet new friends, & engage in an enjoyable activity.

Laugh & Learn

According to the American Psychological Association, laughing helps you learn:  Humor boosts retention. Therefore, in our Conversational Spanish Courses Online, our students will have fun and learn real-life Spanish. In other words, laugh and learn! Why is that? Learning has to be fun to be more effective.

Learn Spanish for Life!

That is, we can’t promise you will learn Spanish in two weeks. Why is that? Because that’s impossible! Think about how long it took you to learn your native tongue. Right? It takes time & tons of patience to master a language. However, we can promise you our KDF team will support you in your Spanish language fluency journey.

Kasa De Franko’s Conversational Spanish Courses Online provides all class material: grammar books, textbooks, diapositives, etc. In fact, in our courses, we don’t focus only on grammar.  Because we believe in learning for life, we emphasize the communicative approach to encourage conversation in-context. Why? For one thing, Spanish learning has to be meaningful to students’ lives.

What does Kasa De Franko offer?

Kasa De Franko offers BeginningIntermediate, & Advanced Programs. Each program is divided into five sections. A beginning student with no  Spanish knowledge would enroll in Beginners Level 1 and engage in a fun and intensive 7-week introductory Spanish course. After finishing Beginners 1, students will continue with Beginners 2 and take all beginning programs until Beginners 5. Then, students can continue with the intermediate & advanced levels.

What will I learn in a KDF’s Spanish Language course? Well, that depends on your level & the type of Conversational Spanish Course you sign up for. For example, after the very first lesson of our Beginners Level 1, you’ll be able to say your name, your origin, your residence, your work, the languages you speak in the first, second, and third person.

What happens after finishing all Introductory Conversational Courses? After completing all introductory conversational courses, students continue chatting & using their Spanish in our KDF’s “Español Temático” continuation program. In other words, in these courses, students will explore the nuances of the Spanish language.

Talk to real-life people: Not, just a robot!

Our Conversational Courses Online allow students to practice their Spanish in real-time & with real-life people. In short, we want you to taste the authentic flavor of the Spanish language. For that reason, we want you to learn it the natural way. That is to say, the same way Hispanic kids learn Spanish. Because, at KDF, we want you to speak Spanish as easily as you would your first language: As a real human being. We don’t want you to speak Spanish like a robot. You are not a robot & neither are we!

Our main offices in San JoseCalifornia, serve our students from the United States & Canada. In the future, we plan to serve Europe & South America. Due to Covid-19, we will ONLY offer classes online for the rest of the year.