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KiDeeF Family Online is a 10-session program
Sessions of 45 min. each (Classroom hour)

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All class material is included!

If you enjoy learning Spanish with your family, our KiDeeF Family Program is for you!

Family is very important to us! KiDeeF is family! That’s why we help families to enjoy a good time together as they learn a new and fascinating world: Spanish! Learn as a kid with your kids.

Adults learn to be kids again, making the class more enjoyable for both children and parents. Spanish is the language of the future! Speak Spanish from the very first day of class with us. 

Kasa De Franko’s method emphasizes conversational Spanish and the communicative approach, in which the focus is on communicating ideas in a context relevant to students’ lives. 

KiDeeF interactive material helps students understand ideas, new vocab, and sounds in context. Our learning material is created by native-speaker instructors and linguists teaching children how to speak, read, and write their native language in Peru and other Spanish-speaking countries. 

KiDeeF provides e-material (included in the class fee): presentations, flashcards, games, songs, puppets, and kinesthetic activities. Your kids will learn to read, write, listen, speak and, especially, converse in Spanish.  E-textbook & e-workbook are provided for older kids. 

Our e-material is designed to help kids and adults absorb the language more effectively. 

Lessons are booked in packages of  10 sessions. Please inquire here about other packages. KiDeeF Sessions consist of 45 minutes each (Classroom hour).

Hours purchased are valid for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Memorial Day 30% Off (Discount on cart – Exp. 5/27)

KDF’s Fees for Online Lessons:
  • 2 members: $1050 – (30% off)
  • 3 members: $1350 – (30% off)
  • 4 members: $1600 – (30% off)
  • 5 members: $1900 – (30% off)

Refund Policy:

Please Click Here!

KiDeeF Family Lessons Cancellation Policy:

  • You may reschedule your family lesson at no charge with a minimum of 24-hour notice.
  • If you cancel your lesson within 24 hours or simply do not show up, the lesson will be considered taken.
  • There are no refunds on unused or canceled lessons.
  • If you know of dates ahead of time when you cannot make a lesson, please notify us ASAP.
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