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Kids' Spanish Class Online near me
Kids' Spanish Class Online near me

Kids’ Conversational Spanish Class Online!

In our Kids’ Spanish Classes Online, we apply the “rule of six,”. This means: Our Small Group Lessons for kids never exceed six students! KiDeeF, a Kasa De Franko‘s program, offers a very interactive online program. Due to the pandemic, KiDeeF offers online classes through its Small Group Lessons Program (KDF-SGL). During Covid-19, we offer in-person lessons, only, at students’ houses.

Learn the language of the future: Spanish!

With more than five million Spanish Speaker worldwide, Spanish consolidates its position even more as one of the most spoken languages in the world.  Don’t let your child left behind! Knowing more than one language will give your kid more and better opportunities in this globalized world.

Kasa De Franko’s programs for kids!

KDF-SGL offers programs for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students. Thus, we offer classes for all three levels. Each level is divided into five sections, with each, unit consisting of a 7-week course. Each class’s five sections are designed as a 10.5-hour immersion program of 7 sessions of 1.5 hr.

At KiDeeF, we have designed our Kids’ Spanish Class Online to allow students to progress at a rewarding pace, ensuring that each student has the confidence and fluency to move onto the following course.

How do our KiDeeF Small Group Lessons work?

We offer courses & group lessons by the package. For example, a beginning student who does not know Spanish would enroll in the Beginning Level 1 Program and engage in an intensive (yet fun!) 7-week introductory Spanish course.

Got a question? Send us an email!

  1. What do you think your level is: Beginner, intermediate, advanced or conversational?
  2. Are you interested in private or group Lessons? In-person or online lessons?
  3. Would you prefer classes in the mornings, afternoons or evenings? On weekdays or weekends?
  4. Would you like to be evaluated?
  5. Please send us at least 3 different dates and times you are available to be evaluated?