Prime Time Spanish Adult Program

Weekends/Weekdays after 6 p.m. (PST)

Our Prime Time Spanish Adult Program is designed for working adults who prefer evening classes. Our Small Group Lesson (SGL) program called Prime Time Spanish is an immersive course.

These courses are for students who would like to get immersed in the Spanish language & culture in a small class setting—putting more emphasis on conversational Spanish.

Rather than focusing on explaining grammar rules, our PTS courses apply grammar to the daily conversation using meaningful language input in context.

Our traditional Prime Time Spanish courses are offered on weekdays after 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) or on weekends.

If you prefer a non-immersion & slow-paced program, then, check out our Pre-Basic Spanish (PBS) courses.

In the PBS program, students will be able to focus more on understanding Spanish grammar rules in English before they can speak the language.

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Prime Time Courses follow PST, open to global students. Adjust for various time zones, embracing interactive Spanish learning with native speakers.
Advanced Theme Course focuses on specific topics, with conversational practice and advanced Spanish grammar review. Adjust schedule for different time zones.
Prime Time Courses align with PST, open to global students. Adjustments made for East Coast/Midwest (Central Time). View schedule in your time zone.
How does the program work?

Our Prime Time Spanish courses are usually 7-week programs of 1.5-hr. lessons per week. Both our Early Bird Spanish courses and Prime Time Spanish (PTS) courses are divided into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Prime Time Spanish´s class size policy requires a minimum of three students to have the full 10.5 program length,

How many students per class?

Our Prime Time Spanish courses have no more than six students per class. Early Bird Spanish courses may have up to ten students in class. Class content and pace are similar for both Early Bird Spanish (EBS) courses & Prime Time Spanish (PTS).

Does KDF offer discounts?

Throughout the year, we offer different discounts on Prime Time Spanish courses; nevertheless, the biggest discounts usually go to our Early Bird Spanish students.

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

All members of our teachers’ team are native speakers and well-rounded bilingual professional linguists. Instructors for all our lessons, including our Early Bird Spanish courses, are trained in Kasa De Franko´s Immersion Method. All of our teachers obtain the same tools and resources to better help students get fluent.

Do you offer a non-immersion program?

Our Pre-Basic Spanish courses will follow the same curricula as all of our Small Group Lessons (SGL) but with more emphasis on presenting material with English explanation—and not just Spanish, as it is in our Prime Time and Early Bird courses.

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