Free Spanish Programs for Kids

Let the Magic Begin!

KiDeeF is thrilled to announce its Free Spanish Programs for Kids! Magical huh? Yes! It’s mágico in Spanish. Get ready to uncover the magic of the Spanish language with our Free Online Spanish Lessons, available for both private and group classes.

Are you ready for a thrilling journey into the world of KiDeeF Spanish? Our Kasa De Franko online programs allow your child to learn from anywhere, at their own pace.

Learn in a Private Setting for Free!

If you’d love personalized attention for your child, our private classes are perfect. Whether it’s for schoolwork or just for fun, our qualified instructors will guide students every step of the way. From the basics to advanced levels, we’re here to make your child’s Spanish learning experience a breeze.

Free Spanish Group Classes for Kids!

For those kiddos who enjoy learning in a group, our Spanish  group classes are an excellent choice! Join other awesome kids, engage in interactive activities, and enhance your listening, writing, and communication skills in Spanish. Plus, make new friends and broaden your horizons!

What’s Kasa De Franko?

Kasa De Franko is a renowned language school in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area region, offering a variety of language learning opportunities. From online to in-person lessons, we’ve got it all!

KiDeeF Spanish is a Kasa De Franko program for children.

KiDeeF’s Teaching Methods!

Our classes focus on active participation, language immersion, and a communicative and cultural approach. We use cool stuff like videos, games, and practical exercises to make learning super fun! Whether your kid is a beginner or already know some Spanish, our professional team is here to help them succeed.

Enroll in our Free Online Lessons

Don’t let them miss out on the chance to learn Spanish in a fun and effective way. Enroll your child in our Free Spanish Programs for Kids today and let them dive into the rich Hispanic culture while building strong language skills.

Let your kid join us now to open up a world of possibilities! Pick the perfect class for your child below. Let the Spanish adventure begin!

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