Spanish Language Social Events

Practice your Spanish!

Intermediate to advanced Levels Encouraged! Come join us para hablar español! Are you down? Don’t miss this opportunity to practice your Spanish, meet new people, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the language.

Spanish Mingling

Spanish Socials are designed to foster the use of Spanish in authentic, relaxed settings. Participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, engage in conversations, and build connections. There’s no set agenda—just an opportunity to speak and think in Spanish.

This isn’t a structured class with grammar lessons. Instead, we’ll explore various topics related to Hispanic culture, discussing chosen themes or short articles on current events

No Expectation of Fluency!

All level welcomed! There is no expectation of fluency. You are welcome to use your Spanish skills just at the level you are, and limit your conversation to the vocab you have.

Think in Spanish!

Don’t just speak Spanish. We´ll teach you how to think in Spanish. Speaking a new language is like being a kid again or being in a movie playing a different role. Become an actor while learning Spanish. Let someone else make the mistakes. Be someone else: Speak Spanish!

About the Host!

Kasa De Franko (KDF) is a well-established Spanish Language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. At KDF, we not only love teaching Spanish, but also learning about other languages and cultures. Kasa de Franko’s both online and in-person Spanish classes are designed for children and adults: Group, Private, and Semi-Private Lessons.

Our Methods!

Kasa de Franko’s Method emphasizes immersion and applying grammar in context. Our students learn in a fun, friendly and stress-free environment.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time