Online Spanish Classes for Adults

Kasa de Franko (KDF), a well-established language school in the Silicon Valley. KDF offers Spanish, English and other languages both online and in-person. We have both private & group lessons for individuals and corporations. We teach both adults and kids.

We focus on our students’ ability to think on their own feet from the very beginning of the language learning process, emphasizing the proper native-Spanish accent. Our motto: “Think in Spanish! Don’t just speak Spanish!”

KDF emphasizes the Communicative Approach in order to learn a language in context & in situations relevant to students’ lives. Therefore, all of our lessons are conversational based.

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We believe in the importance of communicating messages that mean something to the student. Instead of straight repetition and rote memorization, we believe that meaningful conversation is crucial so that students can relate to their lives what they learn in class. We will teach you to transfer ideas, rather than translating words.

KDF’s goal is to offer our students a meaningful, fun and memorable learning experience. Teaching, for us, more than a profession is our passion. We don’t teach you a language. We share our culture with you!

Meet Our Team


Franko Muñoz-Ruiz

Language Instructor

We salute all frontliners!

Pedro López

Administrative Assistant

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Luis Solano

Web Designer

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Sarah McNassar-Thiagarajan

English Instructor

Our students & clients are our friends

Our students are more than just clients; they are also our friends. Our students come from different parts of the world & all walks of life: Teachers, engineers, nurses, lawyers, therapists, and more. Our community of students and friends is very diverse and work in companies and organizations such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Cisco, the San Jose Unified School District, and the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center.

Our students understand that in the Bay Area and this third millennium’s globalized market, knowing more than a language is crucial to succeeding in life and business. Kasa de Franko offers her students two of the most popular languages: Spanish & English to help them better their language skills for work and life. Beside English and Spanish, Kasa De Franko also offers other languages and services.

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Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!