Who is Kasa De Franko?

Kasa de Franko (KDF), a well-established language institution located in the Silicon Valley, provides instruction in Spanish and other languages through both online and in-person formats. Our offerings encompass private and group lessons tailored for individuals, corporations, and students of all age groups.

Communicative Approach

At KDF, we place a strong emphasis on the Communicative Approach, fostering Spanish language acquisition within real-life contexts. Our lessons are centered around conversation, as we believe in the significance of conveying messages that resonate with the learner.

Rather than relying solely on repetition and memorization, meaningful dialogues are essential for students to connect the language skills they acquire in class to their everyday lives. Our focus is on teaching the transfer of ideas rather than mere translation of words.

Communicative & Cultural Approach!

The Kasa de Franko Method seamlessly integrates the communicative approach with a cultural perspective, providing students with an immersive experience in La Cultura while internalizing grammar structures.

We also offer non-immersive programs for students who prefer learning the basics in English before jumping into any of our immersive programs.

Our passion!

Teaching is our passion. We go beyond imparting language skills; we share our culture with you!  In essence, KDF aims to cultivate not only linguistic skills but also critical thinking, cultural awareness and independent expression in Spanish, enriching the overall language-learning experience for their students.

Our Motto!

Think in Spanish! Don’t just speak Spanish!

Meet Our Team


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English Instructor

Why Kasa De Franko?

Immersive Learning Experience

Immerse yourself in a unique and dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional methods, connecting you with the language on a deeper level.

Passionate Educators

Our dedicated team of experienced educators is passionate about making your Spanish learning journey enjoyable and effective.

Cultural Enrichment

Explore the richness of Hispanic culture through our programs, cultural events, and activities designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation.

Flexible Programs for All Ages

Whether you’re an adult looking for language enrichment or a parent interested in our child-friendly curriculum, we offer diverse programs to suit all ages and levels.

Free Trial Lessons

Experience our teaching style with a complimentary trial lesson for you or your kiddo. It’s a risk-free way to discover the Kasa de Franko difference.

Educational Trips

Take your learning beyond the classroom with exciting educational trips. Practice your Spanish in real-life situations and explore the culture firsthand.

Our Story

Why Her Name?

Our story kicks off in Franko’s basement, the humble birthplace of our journey. Here, we began as a modest learning center, armed with just a few chairs, a humble projector, and a small whiteboard.

Franko´s love for traveling, learning languages and experiencing other cultures ignite his passion for sharing his culture and experience with other eager language learners and multicultural enthusiasts.

Kasa de Franko, thriving as a vibrant cultural hub in Northern California for over a decade, is dedicated to nurturing languages, each with its unique personality and charm.

Beyond providing vocabulary or grammar lessons, our commitment is rooted in offering clients an immersive experience that delves into the essence of culture.

Intrigued by our history or curious about the roots of our name? Dive into our blog articles, “Kasa De Franko en San Fran” & “Why Kasa De Franko’s Name?” where we peel back the layers of our humble beginnings and trace our evolution into the premier language school in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area.

We aim to become the leading language school in the United States and Canada.

Our students, Our Mission

Our Mission

To transform Spanish learning into an immersive and enjoyable experience that goes beyond education. The mission includes fostering a passion for the language, offering dynamic programs, cultural events, and free lessons. Kasa de Franko is dedicated to making Spanish learning not only informative but also fun, filled with laughter, and brimming with excitement. The aim is to provide a unique and effective educational environment, and the passion is reflected in every aspect of their programs.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in language education, establishing ourselves as a premier provider in the United States and Canada. Celebrated for our innovative and immersive approach, we aspire to connect individuals worldwide, fostering cultural understanding and enriching lives around the globe.

Language Education - Vision

Our students & clients: Our friends

Our students aren’t just clients; they’re also valued friends. Hailing from diverse corners of the world and various professions—teachers, engineers, nurses, lawyers, therapists, and more—our community of students and friends is richly varied.

They contribute to and thrive in organizations such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Cisco, the San Jose Unified School District, and the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center.

Recognizing the significance of multilingualism in the Bay Area and today’s globalized market, our students comprehend that mastering more than one language is vital for success in both life and business.

Our Services

What Languages Does KDF Offer?

At Kasa de Franko, we specialize in language education to enrich both professional and personal development. Our primary focus is on Spanish and English, two of the most sought-after languages.

In addition to English and Spanish, Kasa De Franko also offers instruction in other languages, including Italian, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin. We are flexible and open to accommodating other language requests upon inquiry.

We provide classes for both children and adults, tailoring our language education to meet the diverse needs of our students. Moreover, we prepare students for all types of proficiency tests, ensuring a comprehensive and effective language learning experience.

Dare to go beyond!

At Kasa De Franko, we’ll dare you to step beyond the typical Spanish classroom experience. Take your Spanish skills to new heights as we break away from traditional classes and offer exciting educational trips that let you practice Spanish in real-life situations. Our sister company, Koslachek Tours, can’t wait to whisk you away on a captivating and culturally immersive journey to Northern Peru.

Ready to dive in? Secure your free trial lesson and hop on board any of our Kasa De Franko Free Spanish Programs before embarking on the exploration of pre-Hispanic cultures in Peru!

Other Services

Kasa De Franko extends its offerings beyond language education to cater to the varied needs and interests of its diverse clientele. Our multilingual and multicultural community can explore a broad spectrum of personal and professional enrichment courses.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in fitness programs, engage in arts, dance, and music classes, and access specialized services in marketing, translation, and interpretation.

This diverse array of additional services aims to enhance the overall learning and enrichment experience for our valued community members.

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