Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Happy Spanish Language Day!

Hey there, language lovers! Ever heard of Don Quixote? This dude took daydreaming to a whole new level, becoming a legendary knight in his own mind. His wild adventures with Sancho Panza still inspire us today! Celebrating his legacy, Kasa De Franko offers Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month Take advantage of this opportunity during the entire month of April.

Written by the literary maestro Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), Don Quixote isn’t just a book—it’s a masterpiece that put Spanish on the global map. No offense to 50 Shades of Gray, but classics like this? They’re forever.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

The Impossible Dream

Now, about “The Impossible Dream”! Picture this: it’s a musical masterpiece born from the wild imagination of Don Quixote himself. The original novel, “Don Quixote” inspired a Broadway sensation called “Man of La Mancha” in 1965. And guess what? This musical gave us the unforgettable anthem “The Impossible Dream.” It’s the stuff that dreams are made of—literally! April’s the month to daydream and celebrate language.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Why April’s Language Day?

Why celebrate Spanish Language Day on April 23rd? This day commemorates the Miguel Cervantes Saavedra’s death and also the death of William Shakespeare. Both of these literary giants passed away on April 23, 1616, though there’s a bit of a complication as the Spanish transitioned to the Gregorian calendar. See our section Leap Year to understand these complications.

Because Don Quixote embodies the Spanish spirit—strengths, flaws, dreams, and all. Thanks to Cervantes, Spanish became a powerhouse of culture, ranked higher than even the Burger King (no offense, creepy mascot).

Miguel Cervantes Saavedra

Why Cervantes?

As mentioned, Cervantes gets the honor of having a day created for him (and not President Trump or the Creepy Burger King) for bringing prestige to the Spanish language and society. The story has been carried throughout history for over 500 years: That is the power of language.

When Antonio de Nebrija published “La Gramática Castellana” in 1492, Queen Isabella asked him: “What is it good for?” Nebrija replied, “Your Majesty, language is the empire,” referring to cultural identity. That is the value of the Spanish language today.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

The Power of Swearing!

Swear words have probably been carried even longer; muttered when a guy took a very stinky number two in the dug-out hole just 30 seconds before. I can teach you to swear words. Let’s leave nothing off the table unless it breaks the table. Then there’s a problem.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

With an “S” as in Spanish?

Let’s talk about the three ¨S¨ in Spanish—sexy, sensual, and sweet! Let’s not talk about the ¨S¨ of swearing in Spanish for now. More than 500 million people speak it worldwide, earning a high-five from the United Nations every April 23rd. It’s like a party, but with words—and hey, no copying Shakespeare’s birthday or you’ll face the copyright cops!

Girl with roses

What is Language?

So, what’s the big deal about language? It’s what sets us apart from the animal kingdom, connecting us through laughter, tears, and shared experiences. Water? Agua! Happy? Feliz! That’s the beauty of diversity—¡Qué chévere!

Spanish isn’t just words—it’s a fusion of history, from Arab invasions to Latin roots and influences from other romance languages like Portuguese, Italian, French, and Catalan. It’s a cultural cocktail, spicing up conversations about everything from burger joints to 5th Street buns.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Language is culture

Languages are the spice of cultural traditions, keeping our heritage alive with stories and customs. They’re like the secret sauce that helps us share ideas, shoot the breeze with friends, or get into deep discussions about life, sex and death.

Whether we’re chatting casually or diving into big topics, languages make life more interesting by helping us connect and understand each other. They’re not just tools for talking: We use language to think and understand the world around us.

Languages are what bring our global community to life, making us feel closer no matter where we’re from.

To commemorate this wonderful holiday many libraries and cultural centers will have films, book fairs, readings, and workshops. I will have a party in my pants, and you are invited.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Now You Know

On April 23rd, join the celebration of El Día del Idioma Español with Kasa de Franko’s Spanish Language Party in April! It all started in 1926 when Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andres had a genius idea. By 1964, the whole Spanish-speaking world was partying together.

With over 500 million Spanish speakers globally (43 million in the U.S.), it’s time to jump on board! Welcome to Kasa de Franko, your ultimate destination for Spanish language adventures.

Finally, a holiday that isn’t a complete joke like Bean Day, The Sweetest Day, and Gingerbread House Day. What are you talking about Willis?

gingerbread man

Keeping Things Exciting!

Learning Spanish isn’t just smart—it sharpens your mind and keeps things exciting! Imagine traveling to Spanish-speaking cultures and screaming ¨Gol¨ at the top of your lungs, having an intimate whispered conversation with a sexy lady or man, and generally speaking with people, and understanding them.

Understanding how to speak, use, and read Spanish can give you insights that monolinguals do not get. As you grow older, and your memory begins to fade, the act of learning a foreign language keeps your mind sharp, active, and dirty-I mean smarter.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Celebrate Spanish Legacy….

With Special Offers at Kasa de Franko! As we party on Spanish Language Day, Kasa de Franko is throwing down exclusive discounts all month long. Spanish isn’t just a language—it’s a ticket to a world of culture, cognitive boosters, and more than 500 million new amigos.

As we announced it, Kasa De Franko is literally throwing the house out of the window (tirando la casa por la Ventana) with this April Spanish Month Festival of discounts. Besides these specials, don’t forget to book your Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Ready for the Special Offers?

KinDerF Private & Semi-private: Up to 50% off!
  • Perfect for young language explorers to dive into Spanish with personalized attention.
KiDeeF Private & Semi-private: Up to 40% off!
  • Engaging sessions tailored to kids’ curiosity and learning styles.
Family Lessons: 40% Off
  • Gather the familia for interactive Spanish fun!
Group KinDerF / KiDeeF / Teens: 25% off
  • Peer learning and teamwork in lively group sessions.
Pre-Basic Spanish: 15% Off
  • Get started with essential vocab and grammar in this beginner-friendly course.
Beginners 1 Prime Time: 20% Off
  • Dive into Spanish with a special discount during prime hours.
Prime-Time Spanish (Except Beg 1): 10% Off.
  • Structured classes during peak hours for learners of all levels.
Early Bird Spanish: 30% off on our morning classes.
  • Rise and shine with Spanish—boost your brainpower before breakfast!
Learn Spanish Speaking Sessions: 10% Off
  • Master conversational skills with our speaking-focused sessions.
Private & Semi-private: Up to 35% off
  • Flexible options tailored for busy adults craving language adventures.

Who is Kasa De Franko?

Kasa de Franko, or KDF for short, is your language playground right here in Silicon Valley. We’re all about teaching Spanish (and other languages) in the coolest ways possible. Whether you’re flying solo, part of a team, or still rocking your backpack, we’ve got the perfect language adventure waiting for you.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Wanna Learn Romance?

If you’re interested in discovering sensual phrases in Spanish, check out our blog section: “Things Spanish People Say in Bed” and “El Sexi Chupacabras”. You’ll pick up how to say “I love you” in Spanish and more.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Ready for Some Language Funnies?

Sure, phrases like “¡Feliz Ano Nuevo!”, “¡Me Gusta la Chucha de tu Madre!” or “Can I molestate you?” might spark some amusing anecdotes. However, it’s important to remember that language learning is about respect and cultural sensitivity. Embrace the diversity of languages and dive into the vibrancy of the Spanish-speaking world.

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month

Into Legends and Folktales?

Explore our section featuring stories about la LLorona, la Ciguapa, El Sexi Chupacabras, and other mythical beings in Hispanic tradition. To immerse yourself in Spanish culture, enjoy a Free Spanish Lesson: Simply click the red button below!

Music in Spanish

Join Us for a Free Lesson!

Kasa De Franko, a well-established language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month. Don’t miss the opportunity to get started with your Spanish learning journey! And always remember…

Free Spanish Lessons for Spanish Language Month
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