Bunnies Eat their Poop and Why You Can Too

Bunnies Eat their Poop and Why You Can Too:  Little Easter Miracle Workers Do It in the Night

With Easter right around the corner, drop a hot nugget of truth for your friends and family this holiday!

Rabbits have two kinds of poop; normal poop and yummy poop.

When’s the last time you made yummy poop?  You see, the fecal matter of the rabbit is twofold:  One type of rabbit poop is firm, not too hard if squeezed, but dry.  Don’t mistake them for malted milk balls, or else you’ll be in for one uncomfortable surprise!

Now, let’s get to the yummy poop because that’s what you came for right?

The stuff is a health nut’s wet dream, packed with nutrients, minerals, and get-me-some-of-that-poop excitement.

You’ll be salivating before even touching its mushy, mucousy, slimy and slippery Lil Ole’ sack of metabolic waste.  But, if you get greedy and decide to steal your rabbits’ poop, know that it will die.

You see, God made rabbits eat their delicious excrement.

The rabbit said, “What’s on the menu today, God?”

And God said, “POOP.  Eat and Be Glad in It.”

The Rabbit HAS to eat their poop, they have weak small digestive tracts, so after a yummy plant meal, the soft mucous covered cluster that pops out like Ricky Martin from the closet gets gobbled back up to bring the microbes back into their guts.  That’s why sometimes you’ll see a pet rabbit crane it’s neck backward to gobble-gobble right from a miracle Pez dispenser called their anus!

If you are not completely blown away right now, then how about this:  Dung beetles subsist on poop, dogs eat poop but sniff out the good stuff and only eat that.  Just like you grab yourself an excellent cut of meat over a cheap one.  Some animals extract leftover minerals from tough poop, like gorilla buddies who pop a clean nut in and pop it right back in after it’s been through the chute a few times.  Nothing like leftovers!

Did you know that Koalas eat their mom’s poop!  Talk about an intimate family experience.

For many animals’ feces is a regular part of the “animal experience.”

Even YOUR Poop is not as bad as you think; a little leftover undigested peanut butter or chicken, a sprinkle of harmless bacteria, metabolic waste, water, and dead cells.  It’s minimally toxic, and since our digestive process can’t get everything, there’s always a leftover meal just waiting to be DEVOURED.

So, the question on MY mind is:  Should YOU eat my poop?  I’m sure you are a bit angry that you are missing out on ALL THOSE BOUNDLESS NUTRIENTS, aren’t you?

Well, humans eat lots of weird stuff, but we never eat our poop, because it can contain some pretty nasty pathogens, that is if you are sick.  Otherwise, poop isn’t that bad for you, but you might not want seconds…even if your mother begs you to take hers.  Nothin’ like Mamas cookin’ right?

Happy Easter folks.  Remember to save something special after that big Easter brunch.  You may want a bite of chocolate mousse.


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