How to say “I am broke” in Spanish? Newest Peruvian Expression: “Estar Chihuán”

How to say “I am broke” in Spanish and Get a Discount!
“Estar Chihuán”: This article covers the newest Peruvian expression. The story behind the viral memes, and what it means for YOU to get a discount on KDF Spanish Instruction!

Once upon a time in Perusalem, (Peru) a.k.a. “Wonderland,” (not as nice as Alice’s), there was a high-profile woman who claimed to be poor when she wasn’t. She claimed to live in a cave, but she didn’t. She claimed to live a simple lifestyle, but she was lying.

Let me tell you the story.

The woman whose flapping lips set ablaze a viral meme in the Spanish speaking world, the “I am broke,” or “estoy chihuán” was a famous sportswoman from the ’80s. She, of course, made a great career in her field and some fortune alongside it. Compared to the average Peruvian citizen, she lives an excellent lifestyle. And, of course, even the infamous professional volleyball player turned politician Leyla Chihuán struggled with financial issues, like most other Peruvians, at one point.

Since then, her lifestyle has changed radically—and with respect, due to her own efforts. However, in most Peruvian citizens’ opinion, that doesn’t give her the right to make ludicrous comments now that she is in a better position.

“My salary at the Congress is not enough for my lifestyle,” Chihuán said. The mic dropped which created an explosion around the world. These remarks were offensive to many Peruvians who can barely make it in their day-to-day life who took offense because she makes more than $100

,000, and is complaining when many Peruvians live on less than $2,000 a year!

In a region with too many inequalities—especially economic ones—it is of terrible taste to argue that the money you make is not “enough” for your lifestyle—especially if you are getting rich with taxpayer money.

Who is Leila Chihuán, you ask?

A few decades after her successful career as a volleyball player, she ran for Congress. In 2011, she became a congresswoman inspired by the right-wing movement of ex-president Fujimori. Since then, she has defended the populist approach of the Fujimori’s movement. After her comments, Peruvian people’s rage turned into a more flexible and digestible approach, the way Peruvians deal with sorrows and offenses; through humor.

Now a Viral Meme

After her comments and distaste for her 100k annual salary, a new Peruvian expression, “estar chihuán” went viral and her last name was used to mean “not having money.”   She inspired this viral expression otherwise known as “Estoy Chihuán” or “I am poor,” “I am broke,” “I am penniless.”  The irony is that she’s NOT poor.

After her saying this, people everywhere embraced the expression, and now it’s history. In the beginning, Leyla Chihuán didn’t like people using her name and threatened to sue La Tigresa del Oriente, a Peruvian Youtuber, and singer, for composing a song using the new expression.

Nevertheless, everyone started using the expression “Estoy Chihuán” everywhere. It has been translated into other languages and used by different people in diverse continents. People have made tons of videos saying the expression “ Estoy Chihuán.”  Alongside the expression, many videos, memes, graffiti’s and ads, have been created with all of them have become popular and going viral immediately.

KDF Promo Discount on Lessons: “Estoy Chihuán”

To honor the viral meme, we at Kasa De Franko are offering a Special! Our special “Estoy Chihuán” will be delivered every two months or so.

Because you don’t have billions or millions of dollars, we thought it would be amazing to provide you with a premium discount on Spanish lessons at Kasa De Franko.

You can use the money you save to invest in Salsa or the Tango if you’re feeling dangerous.  This is a deal that you can’t beat.

The special runs the first five days of a specific month.  We are offering 20% off on lessons for you and your “Chihuán” friends and family.

With this discount, you can afford to buy an extra glaze for your ham, and mas tequila for your family and friends who will be amazed as you speak a beauteous romantic language such as Spanish; even if they’re passed out afterward. With this discount, you can meet new Spanish friends, customers, or business associates, buy them drinks or dinner and use your new marketable skill until their eyes become hearts!

Seriously, this is going to be amazing.

How to Get the Promo Code

Because we also understand what it is “estar chihuán,” we would love to help you achieve fluency in the Spanish Language at the lowest cost for you. We will be sending promo code and make it available in our social media and website every time we launch our periodical campaign of “estoy chihuán”.

With your Spanish skills on your resume, you will be able to be less “chihuán” as you can get a better salary for speaking more than one language, market to an entirely different demographic, and woo the object of your affection to break down the language barrier.

Stop being “chihuán” by boosting your resume and enhancing your life with new skills and new friends. Yes, you can always make new friends at Kasa de Franko using KDF’s method and fun style to interact with your classmates and instructor.

The opportunities will open up beyond your greatest imagination when you began learning to CONVERSE in Spanish.  In the workplace, on social media, on the streets, and if you’re lucky, even the bedroom!

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