Kasa De Franko offers a variety of services from group and private/semi-private lessons to translation and edition (English-Spanish & Spanish-English). We also offer other languages upon request for private, semi-private & group lessons—in person, online or hybrid. We offer lessons for all ages and all levels. Four KDF’s private and semi-private lessons, students may request the day, times, location and start date of their lessons.
All our group classes are $250 for a 10-hour program: 5 weeks of 2 sessions. At the moment, we only offer group lessons for adults. For private/semi-private lessons and other services please check our fees section on our website.
For this year, all of our group, private and semi-private lessons material is provided by KDF.
To buy private & semi-private lessons, go to our website and find the section for private lessons on the “Lessons and Fees” tab. Then, you can simply email us the days and times you prefer to schedule the lessons. It is always helpful to send us further information about the student, such as experience with the language, goals and how she/he plans to use the new acquired language skills.
Yes! KDF offers on-site Spanish & English Language Corporate lessons for Bay Area companies. Email us with the details regarding the group: how many students per group, experience with the language and goals of new acquired Spanish Language skills. Please also provide us with the days, times and exact location of the lessons.
KDF offers a new program almost every month. Most classes currently offered will be offered again the following program. For beginner levels, we usually schedule a new program no more than two weeks after the beginning of our current programs on website. Most of our beginner and intermediate levels usually have a week a two weeks break in between every program. Some advanced levels continue with no break.
KDF is located in North San Jose: Our address is 2300 Gateway Place, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110. Our school is located very few miles away from San Jose Airport & San Jose Downtown.
Yes! There are two VTA Lightrail stations 10 min away (walking distance) from our location: Karina & Airport stations.
Yes! There is free and unrestricted parking in front of our main building.
Yes! At the end of every program, students get a Kasa de Franko’s Certificate of Completion stating that all course content has been learned in class. Student must attend all 10 hours of our program to get a certificate of completion.
No. KDF does not offer High School or College credit.
There is not a free makeup class at KDF. However, we would like you stay up-to-date with your classes: We do offer a 60 minute make up session for $35. It is optional for any students to take advantage of our reduced make-up lesson. This reduced price per hour only apply to students who are currently registered for a program and it will only cover material from class missed. To schedule a make-up session, please emails us at info@kasadefranko.com
Yes, it is possible. For private lessons, students need to notify KDF 24 hours in advanced of class will be considered taken. Students may reschedule any private or semi-private lesson at no charge if they notify KDF 24 hours before beginning of class.
No! Unfortunately, we don’t offer any free trial lessons for any of our lessons. Students are more than welcomed to check us out on Yelp and Google to read reviews of what our clients and friends think about us. We will also be more than happy to discuss on the phone or a video call any questions students may have. We could also put in you in touch with any of our current students to ask questions about our services and the methods they use to learn the language.
In our website you can find the class content for every level. Based on that, students can figure out their level. If still unsure, students are more than welcome to email us for a brief phone/video-call evaluation or to provide them with a placement test.
Most of our programs for our group classes are structured in five consecutive sessions of two hours per week. We skip main holidays. Ergo, we have no class on:
• New Year's Day and New Year's Eve.
• Memorial Day.
• Independence Day.
• Labor Day.
• Thanksgiving and the day after.
• Christmas Eve and Christmas.
In our website you can find the class content for all our classes. Our group classes are structured per level. We have two main sections: Our Introductory Courses & our Thematic Courses. Our Introductory courses are for students who are getting familiar with the main concepts of the language and the culture behind it. KDF’s Introductory Courses are divided into three main levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of this levels has five sub-levels from 1 to 5. Fifteen levels total. After Intermediate Level students are required to use more Spanish in class. Our advanced level is completely taught in Spanish and students are expected to speak Spanish in class. After finishing our Introductory Courses, students can take our Thematic Courses. Our Thematic Courses are for more advanced students who feel more comfortable with the language and the culture. Students must have taken before our Introductory Courses or its equivalent in other schools. Students are required to speak Spanish in Class. Our Thematic courses also cover grammar and other language concepts besides a specific topic that is discussed throughout the entire program. Students will be asked to write very short essays and/or paragraphs for the class.
Yes! We offer classes to all ages. We have students since 3 years old. We offer our classes both on our San Jose location and other schools. We happily offer our services to a number of private schools in the area. At the moment, students can set up private and semi-private lessons for kids. We will soon be offering group lessons for kids in our location of North San Jose.
KDF for adults: Minimum 3 students per group class to have the full 10 hours program
• If two students, same fee BUT meeting 5 sessions of 1.5 hour.
• If one student, same fee BUT meeting 5 sessions of 1 hour.
KinDerF & KiDeeF: Minimum 4 students per group class to have the full 5 or 6 hours program
• If three students, same fee BUT meeting 4 sessions of 1 hour.
• If two students or less, same fee BUT meeting 4 sessions of 45 min.
For all of our lessons, students get 50% refund of class fee five days before first day of class. After first day of class, there is no refund. No refund after student attended one group lesson. Group credit cannot be used for private lessons unless previously discussed before the beginning of the program.
No! KDF does not offer a student visas or any type of visas.