Free Spanish Classes Online

Beginners Only: One-time lesson! Limited spots available! Age: 18+

Free Spanish Classes Online: Study Spanish for free. During this trial lesson,  you will learn how to say your name, origin, work, nationality, background, residence, and the languages you speak in Spanish.

Our Free Online Spanish Group Classes help you speak the language in context.  KDF immersion courses will get you on the right track to fluency. Most of our programs apply an immersive method using the communicative and cultural approach.

This free online Spanish group lesson covers the alphabet and the basics of Spanish phonetics, grammar, and greetings. In this class, students will speak, sing and have fun while learning Spanish completely free.

During KDF´s free trial lessons, context will help you understand phrases and translation will be very limited. If you prefer a non-immersive method, please, check our Pre-Basic Spanish courses.

Our free Spanish group lessons offer you the opportunity to learn the most popular language in the U.S. while getting to meet new friends. If you´d like us to show you other options, please, Contact US.

T&C: Students cannot register for this lesson more than once.

Date & Time: Fri. May 31st at 4:00 pm (PST) or 7:00 pm (EST) – Online Lesson.

To register, please fill in the form below:

  1. Attendees’s age: 18+
  2. All attendees must join the meeting from a laptop or desktop.
  3. All attendees must turn their cameras on.
  4. Please be aware that videos and/or pictures taken in any of our online events may be used for marketing purposes.