Spanish Treat Lesson for Kids

We’re coming into that time of year again when the leaves drop from their summer perches, sunlight wanes daily, and the smell of pumpkin spice permeates our lives (whether or not you’re a fan).

This is also the time of year when our little ones wear costumes and go ‘trick or treating.’ Let your children be a part of the fun and enroll them in a Kasa de Franko ‘KiDeeF´s Free Lesson

Ofrenda Dia de los Muertos

This is also the time of year when a growing number of families, Hispanic and others, create their family’s ofrenda, honoring departed loved ones with photos, favorite foods, sugar skulls, and garlands of fragrant marigolds. We will also be offering classes for el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Death).

Now to your list of autumnal to-dos, you can include Kasa De Franko’s Spanish Halloween Free Lessons.

Learning is Fun

At Kasa de Franko, we know that learning a language should be fun and engaging, employing various practices to help our students integrate the language successfully. We teach both adults and children, online and in-person, and welcome you and your child to join us on your Spanish language journey.

Halloween Themed Party!

Our KDF Themed Lessons will provide a place to practice seasonally-themed Spanish in relation to important dates. Naturally, this being the time of year when we turn our thoughts to costumes and candy (and yes, the over-produced pumpkin spice), this free lesson will be based on the theme of Halloween o el Dia de los muertos.

Online Spooky Fiesta!

These fun and interactive lessons will be held online (you can decide if you light the pumpkin spice candle or not). Students will participate in art activities and games. They will listen to traditional stories, learn new vocabulary words related to Halloween, and practice their Spanish knowledge.

All of the instructors at KDF are native Spanish speakers, allowing our students to experience different accents and regionalisms within the Spanish language.

Fun Eerie Customes!

For our Halloween themed-lessons, we encourage our students to attend in their costumes, giving them the opportunity to practice Spanish in a fun and relevant social setting:

Español Inglés
Soy un gato. I am a cat
Soy una bruja. I am a witch
Soy una calabaza. I am a pumpkin

Halloween Activities

In the first activity, students will talk about their costumes, favorite characters and treats, and what they do for Halloween or Diá de Los Muertos. They will learn the alphabet, how to spell words, shapes, colors and how to describe their costumes. 

The second activity involves coloring una bruja y una calabaza, using the instructions given by the teacher. Each color will be represented by a number, helping to solidify color and number vocabulary for the student.

In the third activity, students will be given a puzzle and some verbal and written clues about the character hiding behind it. Short and simple commands in Spanish will be given (derecha, izquierda, arriba, abajo, names of colors, etc.) to help solve the puzzle. There is a time frame to complete the challenge.

Hope to see you!

Whether this season involves picnicsin cemeteries and honoring those who have passed, or dressing in costumes and demanding candy from strangers, we hope you will join us for our Halloween themed-lessons, pumpkin spice not included.

Fun is Free

Ready for a free, fun, and educational Halloween experience for your child? Join our special Halloween lesson and let your child explore Spanish in a friendly environment.

Reserve your child’s spot now with the red button and seize this exciting opportunity!

Fill & Click!

Fill out this form and click the red button to reserve your child’s spot today and don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Please read the Important Information section below before clicking on the red submit button.

T&C: This is a one-time lesson: Students cannot register for this lesson more than once.

Date & Time: Mon. Oct. 30th at 5: 00 pm (PDT) – 20-minute Online Lesson for kids (Age 6-10).

Important Information:

  1. Age Range: 6-10 years old.
  2. Technical Requirements: Attendees must join from a laptop or desktop.
  3. Camera Usage: Attendees must have their cameras on.
  4. Media Usage: We may use videos and pictures from our events for marketing purposes.
  5. Eligibility: Students who had a free trial lesson with KDF before are not eligible for this lesson.
  6. For Kids: The class is exclusively for kids. No parents will be allowed in the virtual classroom!
  7. Parental Interaction: Parents are not allowed to interact with kids during the lesson.
  8. Parental Presence: The presence of a parent, tutor, or guardian nearby is recommended during the class in case of technical problems.
  9. Class Size Policy: Six Students max in class and two students max. per household/parent.
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