Veterans Day in Spanish Culture:

Let’s also honor Hispanics & Latinos/Latinas for their service on Veterans Day. We fight together & live together as Americans. We, Hispanics or LatinXs, have also contributed to the greatness of this country called The United States of America.

Hispanic Veterans are woven into the thread of this society and have changed America for the better. Today is a day to remember those who’ve fought to make America a safer, and freer nation.

Serving the U.S. for Two Centuries!

Loving & serving the U.S. for almost Dos Siglos (Two Centuries)! Hispanics have served in the U.S. military for over 180 years going back to a war against Mexico.  Latino veterans have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms that Americans of all ages, ethnicities, and genders enjoy.

Francisco de Miranda, the father of Gran Colombian Independence, also fought in the American Revolution. Hispanics have been part of the fabric of this great nation since the American Independence. 

They have fought bravely with pride, and many have died. For the most part, when we honor veterans, we forget the women who also fought for the greatness of our nation. It is also time to honor not only Hispanic, but also LatinAs who defended our country’s values.

She wasn’t a man

Imagine disguising yourself as a man and joining the Confederate army back in 1861.  That’s precisely what Cuban-born Loreta Janeta Velazquez did.  She fought in three battles, was a Confederate spy, and eventually became a double agent reporting to the U.S. Secret Service.  She lived to the age of 81.

It’s her brave spirit and ability to fight for what she believed in despite the lack of opportunity for women back in the late 1800’s that stands out on Veterans Day.

How many Latinx?

Today, over ten percent of the military is made up of Hispanic and Latino members.  It’s those with Hispanic blood that bravely serve America with their lives. And today is a day of gratitude for their sacrifice.

Veteran’s Day is a time of remembrance for those who’ve served in the U.S. military.  It’s also a time of parades and yummy free meals for veterans.

The “On the Border-line” Mexican restaurant serves a free create-your-own combo meal to Veterans with combinations like mini chimis, tacos, enchiladas, or empanadas with endless bowls of chips and salsa.  It pays to survive!

No human is illegal!

Despite the ongoing agenda to rid the country of “illegal aliens”, and a negative sentiment towards those of Latino origin, the military has proudly accepted hundreds of thousands Latino Americans to serve in the military.

Nothing more American!

Nothing more American than being an immigrant! America has long been a heaven for immigrants—we live together, fight together, and die together. 

In these times of anti-immigrant sentiment, it’s important to remember how Latinos/Hispanics have struggled together, for over a hundred years to make it what it is today.

Let´s go back to Loreta Velazquez!

When Loreta Janeta Velazquez felt the call to serve, she didn’t let customs stop her.  Disguising herself as a man wasn’t easy but she used wire shields to flatten her breasts, wore a man’s wig, a fake beard and mustache, and became Lieutenant Harry T. Buford. 

In her disguise, she fooled soldiers and officers by changing her walk, smoking cigars, perfected her spit, and used padding on her arms to appear more muscular.  Although her husband died while in battle, she fought and survived.

Never Give Up!

While burying the dead after the Battle of Shiloh, she was wounded by a shell and discovered by an army doctor.  There he found her to be a woman.  She was soon kicked out but found a way back in and never gave up.  This is the spirit of a soldier and as Americans, we honor those with that fighting spirit.

Veterans Day is a way for families of fallen soldiers to remember their loved ones and reflect on their service to the country.  Soldiers like her and others are honored and remembered on this holiday, for their service to America.

More stories?

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Read our other articles on Veterans Day and Memorial Day to keep honoring those American, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etcetera, who have contributed and continuously contribute to the might of this nation.

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