If you stay in the Silicon Valley, you Must Learn Spanish!

If you stay in the Silicon Valley, you Must Learn Spanish!

The Golden State of California is one of the most pleasant places in the world to live. In California, you’ll discover San Jose in the heart of the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley. Millions of people around the world refer to Silicon Valley as a major technology hub. Learning Spanish at Kasa de Franko will make your life even easier in the Golden State with an always high percentage of a Spanish Speaking  population

But why is it important for you to learn how to speak Spanish if you live or work in the Silicon Valley? As an IT or TECH pro, you have a lot to gain from learning how to speak this great language.

Speaking Spanish can open for you a fast route to the top of your enviable career and your dreams.

It can allow push for promotions better as you would definitely become more valuable to your organization. Companies opening up branches in Spanish speaking parts of America can also get to place a high value on you. Unites States boasts of diverse cultures among which are Latinos, so surely being able to speak Spanish would open up many more doors within your career.

Due to Silicon Valley being such a major technology destination, it presents a lot of opportunities for IT and technology professionals. But, this also attracts a ton of competition for each role, as every single job within the area is highly desirable. So, to beat the competition and land your dream job, you’ll need to exceed the company’s requirements and expectations. By learning Spanish, you’ll have a skill that others may not, which would allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Learn Spanish at Kasa de Franko! We will help you understand Hispanic Culture and go beyond the language barriers when closing a deal. Don’t let that deal get ruined by not speaking at least a bit of Spanish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

It has been proved that learning a new language increases your cognitive skills and in the technology world these are very valuable

For instance, if you are a developer, having a great memory to remember certain aspects of coding is tremendously vital.

 Having a strong command of the Spanish language would improve you on your business and personal fronts. Companies in Silicon Valley are large and often spread across many different countries. You would definitely be in a position to represent your company on foreign soils where Spanish is spoken. This may be as a primary job posting or as an additional appointment which will certainly translate into increased income.


Don’t Just Learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!




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