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Play & Learn!

Learning Spanish Program for Kids! By using context, your kid will learn to speak Spanish the way Hispanic children learn to speak their native language. After all, kids want to have fun! Don’t you? Why don’t you let your kids have fun while learning Spanish? Let your kids play & use context to learn Spanish!

Kids learn Spanish using context!

Our instructors and tutors use a number of interactive games and apps developed by our team of linguists & language programming specialists. Also, KiDeeF students learn with material brought from Peru: KiDeeF students learn to speak Spanish with the same books, games, toys, & videos used by Peruvian kids to learn their mother tongue.

KiDeeF Spanish Program Online:

Now, your children can enjoy our regular Learning Spanish Programs for Kids completely online. Due to the pandemic, we have switched all of our private and group lessons to online. Thus, our on-site lessons are now conducted via Zoom and it is as fun as the in-person lessons. Our online lessons cover the same content and use the same material as all pre-pandemic KiDeeF On-site courses. We emphasize context & the spoken language to learn Spanish effectively, faster & better.

 Learn to speak Spanish for life!

Learn real-life Spanish: Not just for fun! Upon parents’ request, we still offer in-person lessons from the comfort of your own home. Do you want your kid to learn real-life Spanish? You have landed at the right school!

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