March On: The Legacy of George Floyd and the Voices of the People

Riot, Violencia, Anarquía, Revolución, Cp, Rebeldía

Newton’s third law of physics states that if you jump out of an airplane, you’ll have to deal with the force called consequence, a.k.a., the ground. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You don’t need to read Principia Mathematica to understand that killing a man in plain sight of the entire world to see, negligently and brutally, will have a profound consequence. It doesn’t help if you’re wearing a uniform that represents law and order.

Fairness and equality, including the civic right to protest, should not involve innocent civilians and journalists being shot in the eyes with rubber bullets. Innocent college students or people merely walking down the sidewalk do not benefit from being tazed for no reason. Peaceful protests have resulted in such significant changes in American society. If they are seen as the enemy, then we have a systemic issue.

The Resounding Consequences of Institutional Racial Violence
Puños, Cielo, Rojo, Negro, Lucha, Socialismo, Igualdad

In the case of George Floyd and Officer Chauvin, the latter who knelt on the neck and windpipe of Floyd for 9 minutes, killing him, has caused mighty unrest in America. At Kasa De Franko, we stand firmly against racism, police brutality, and support speaking out against a racist, abusive, violent police force that targets vulnerable individuals and minority populations. At K.D.F., we support criminal justice reform, inclusion, equality, and stand alongside the peaceful protestors to make this world a fairer place for everyone.

Different Day, Same $h%t

The force that the protestors possess, marching in solidarity (globally) due to the murder of Mr. Floyd, has brought fresh energy to an age-old issue: Civil liberties, authority and power, and the human spirit for change. As relevant as it was in the ’60s, we are witnessing a moment in history that will define the future for generations to come.

Applying the Universal Law
Riot, Hombre, Fuego, Arma, Botella, Bombardeo

The murder of George Floyd has created a notable barrier between police and American civilians, as acts of brutality were captured during recent protests that further splits the gap. These movements are exceptional and leading to actual reform. Denver Public Schools are eliminating on-duty police officers by 2021 and hiring more social workers and de-escalation specialists. Leaders on college campuses have declared their solidarity with black students, faculty, and protesters. Many have also proclaimed new or continuing actions they’re taking to confront injustices at their schools.

The universal law of cause and effect is on full display. It works whether one is asleep or awake, everywhere, overtime, inhabiting everything we do. You see, this universal law sets into motion all of human life. Without it, we’d be globulous piles of shit inhabiting a world that doesn’t exist. And the law is genuinely in effect when thousands of people apply it in unison.

This law applies to the police force as well. We don’t want to repeat what happened in Nazi Germany during WWII; it is best when those are just museums, and we can learn from them, not living realities. For black people and many more, there is a fear that without change, it’s only a matter of time before their number is called up.

George Floyd Will Never Die
El Puño, La Rebelión De, Lucha, La Fuerza De La

The legacy of George Floyd is beyond a reasonable doubt shaking the foundation of human culture. If the police can be unlawful, brutal, belligerent, violent, and unconscious of human rights, what kind of example are they setting for the children? For future generations of officers?

For black people nationwide, including those of minority status, they haven’t done anything to deserve hatred, discrimination, and marginilization. Racism is an evildoer that cares for no one. It tears apart the very fabric of our society. It dehumanizes people, categorizes them as something dirty, and stands against everything that we live for. But maybe acts of racism are what it takes to spark a new movement. To show how cruel people can be to one another. To wake us up.

Clueless Leader
Triunfo De Donald, Caricatura, Presidente, Ee Uu

President Trump doesn’t seem to have as many ideas as to how to address systematic racism as he does Tweeting that everything he doesn’t like is “FAKE NEWS” and generate more division among Americans. When asked by PBS to describe his plan to address systemic racism he said, “What you now see, it’s been happening, is the greatest thing that can happen for race relations,” Mr. Trump said, “for the African-American community, for the Asian-American, for the Hispanic-American community, for women, for everything.”

It’s a nice soundbite, and maybe he’s right. It seems this movement is already bringing reform to corruption. But the President’s words come with a forked tongue. Eighty-nine former U.S. defense officials recently spoke out against the violent rhetoric Trump unleashed about how to deal with the protestors.  The officials unanimously wrote, “We are alarmed at how the president is betraying this oath by threatening to order members of the U.S. military to violate the rights of their fellow Americans.” They wrote that they (as did the President), took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, militarizing the police and making peaceful protestors out to be criminals and “thugs,” is not the “greatest thing that can happen for race relations,” as he states.

We are at a crossroads in American life, one that defines a generation. You can make a difference, make an impact just by listening to other people, being polite to them, and learning something about their life experiences.

The Golden Rule
Hombres, Chicos, Negocio, Masculina, Persona, Personas

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you is the Golden Rule. When it comes to racism/police brutality/even looting, this applies most assuredly.

Our lives are preciously held together. Today could be our last. But each day is a chance to get closer to one another, tell our stories, and make positive changes in our lives. Inside each of us is a curious being, whether or not life’s many complexities have hardened us, we remain curious about what life wants to teach us.

George Floyd moved to Minnesota for a fresh start — and opportunity to better himself and to be a better father. Floyd, a father to two daughters, the youngest is 6, will not get to see his daughters ever again due to the heinous actions of systemic injustice and racial violence. His legacy and spirit are speaking louder than anyone alive. We, the living, carry on that legacy.

Policía, Riot, Bastón, Paliza, Uniforme

President Donald Trump has called on governors to step up their actions against rioters, urging them to use more force and “dominate” the violent mobs besieging America’s cities.

While the safety of the President and American businesses is vital, so is the security of peaceful protestors and their space to greive the loss of George Floyd. Trump’s words: “You have to dominate if you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time,” are not appropriate at this time. Sure, looters are abominations, but these are simply external signs of a population uneasy with their circumstances. And to “dominate,” this rhetoric, I believe, has led to despicable acts by police onto peaceful protestors. As we can see, it has only led to more violence and brutality that further divides our people. 

The Kasa De Franko Promise

No man or woman in this nation deserves to be murdered by someone sworn to protect them. At K.D.F., we stand against racism because we also understand what is to be a minority in a society where structural racism is the norm.

We stand in solidarity with anyone who has been victimized, overshadowed, or abused due to their ethnic, racial, or other minority statuses. We stand with the people, willing to listen to your voices, to take part in the new America, with pride.

At Kasa De Franko Spanish School, you will not just receive Spanish instruction.

You will also be honored for your individuality. You are unique, and learning a language has to adapt to your needs and set.

At KDF Spanish School (both online and in-person), we engage in challenging, engaging discussions that ensure you won’t be bored to death.

Please take good care of yourself, check out our specials, answer a few questions so we can find more information about your language needs, or read another blog post. Most of all, love yourself and one another.

No two students are the same, but they all share their desire to be free. In good faith, we march on.


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