Porque Todos “Tenemos Corona”

“Tienes corona o que?” is a phrase used sarcastically when someone acts entitled or superior. It literally means “Do you have the crown or what?” and as an idiom means “do you think you’re special, or what?”

Of course, today we are all worried about another Corona, one none of us want to wear. However, you are all special to us, so we are sharing some ways you can stay safe in these worrisome times.

If you want information on the virus, look to reputable sources.

Listen to the experts, who have the most updated and accurate information. The best information will come from the CDC or the WHO. Do not get drawn into tabloid paranoia.

Be responsible, but stay calm.

Reacting to this crisis does not mean overreacting. We need to find a balance between carelessness and panic. If you take good precautions, you will probably be okay.

Please don’t attend any events.

Many social events have been cancelled, and places crowds may gather are closed. However, even private parties or playdates can spread the virus. Social distancing (staying at least 6 feet from anyone other than family) is strongly advised. Keep yourself and your family at home.

Going outside (especially to get some sun) is ok.

The sun is good for you, physically and emotionally. Just be sure to stay a good distance from others. Also, playground equipment can spread the virus. Stick to nature!


Wash for at least 20 seconds or even a few more. Time a favorite song, and then sing your favorite 20-30 seconds of it. For kids, Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle twice (or the first three verses of “Baby Shark”) should do.

Do your best not to touch your face.

 ESPECIALLY when you’ve been outside or have touched objects such as railings. Especially be careful of your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you or your children touch these areas (it is hard to keep away, we know!) then wash your hands immediately.

Please don’t panic buy or hoard products.

The elderly, those who have small children, and those who have to wait for payday need household products too. Don’t buy things like baby wipes, etc. unless you actually need them. Prepare for one month’s isolation. Stores will keep getting products.

If you are sick STAY HOME.

Call ahead to your doctor or the ER before going in. They will be able to tell you the best course of action.

Remember that “pandemic” refers to the geographical spread of the disease, not the severity. The Corona Virus *can* be dangerous, but it is not automatically deadly for everyone. However, because some people are at greater risk, it is important that we do not spread the virus.

Remember we are in this together, and not against one another.

Help your neighbor the best you can, even if it’s from a distance. Lots of parents still have to work, even though schools are  closed. Some people are now completely out of work. People are worried about the future. Some people are alone and lonely. Check in with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones, even if it’s by e-mail, text, FaceTime,  or through a closed door.

It’s our mission at KDF to care for our community and to build cultural bridges. It is important not to blame anyone for the virus, but rather to care for one another. We ask that you do all you can to stay safe.

Take care of one another,

Team Kasa de Franko

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