Beginners Spanish Super Intensivo I – Online

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6 sessions of 1.5 hr.
Ages:  Adults (18+)

All class material included.

Beginners Spanish Crash Course Online Super-Intensivo I meet twice a week. This program may serve more than six  students.

In these Crash Courses, our students will still learn the same content and use the same material than our Small Group Lessons (SGL) but in a bigger setting and at a faster pace.

In the first two lessons, students will spend the first hour in very basic conversation to introduce themselves in Spanish. Students work in pairs. In each lesson, students will learn new expressions as they review previously learned material in conversation.

Some grammar will be explained in English. Students will use sentences in context to understand their meanings. The instructor will start using more Spanish towards the end of the program.

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  • Basic greetings: Saludos
  • Introducing yourself: Basic questions to talk about your name, origin, work, nationality, residence, languages, and countries.
  • ABC and quick intro to Spanish phonetics.
  • Vowels and consonants: differences in English and Spanish.
  • Numbers from 1 to 10
  • Use of articles: Gender and number in Spanish
  • Intro to concept of verbs and nouns
  • Numbers from 10 to 20
  • Using me gusta with verbs and nouns
  • Numbers from 20 to 100 & basic Math Operations.
  • Periods of Time and Day: La mañana, la tarde, la noche, ¿Qué hora es?
  • Intro and Conjugations of SER & ESTAR.
  • Basic Vocab: classroom, house and some family members
  • Intro to three Spanish verbs groups: -AR/-ER/-IR.


 Group Class Size Policy:

  • Four students minimum per group are required to have the full  9 hours program.
  • Three students: 6 sessions of 1 hour.
  • Two students or less: 6 sessions of 45 minutes.

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