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Premium Private Spanish Online

5-Lesson Package

50-min. lessons (Classroom hour)
Adults (18+)
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Spanish Gift Certificate

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The Most Bang for Your Buck!

Ready to Dive Into Spanish?

Say ¨adiós¨ to those boring apps and chatting with robotic voices! At our private lessons, you’ll get to enjoy learning Spanish with real people—the most fun and effective way to pick up the language.

Our 1-on-1 sessions are a game-changer! You’ll make super-fast progress because you’ve got the undivided attention of our KDF instructors.

What is Kasa De Franko?

Kasa De Franko, a language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, provides introductory Spanish programs for adults in Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced levels. Each program is subdivided into distinct levels.

Additionally, we provide Thematic & Workshop Spanish courses for more advanced learners. Reach out to us for corporate lessons, children’s programs, or other language options.

KDF Methods!

We focus on practical grammar and nailing those Spanish sounds, helping you understand the language’s vibe and culture.

Here at Kasa de Franko, we take cues from how Spanish-speaking kids learn. It’s all about diving in and talking—the natural way to learn! Our method? It’s your ticket to fluency and thinking in Spanish!

In our classes, we ditch the boring stuff. We chat about everyday activities to teach you new words, perfect your pronunciation, and build solid grammar skills. Let’s make learning Spanish a blast!

All E-learning Material Provided!

KDF will provide all e-material for the lessons: E-textbooks, e-workbooks, worksheets, access social media and game activities, etc. Learning material is included in class fee.

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