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KiDeeF Private Spanish Online

5-Lesson Package

45-min. lessons (Classroom hour)
Kids (5 to 17)
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Spanish Gift Certificate

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Spanish Learning Online Kids

Super Dooper Easy & Cheesy!

Online lessons make learning Spanish super easy and fun for your kids! No need to travel anywhere – it’s all right at home, and kids totally rock at learning through tech stuff, making online lessons way cooler than regular classes.

KiDeeF Private Lessons

In KiDeeF’s private lessons, our Kasa De Franko program for children, your kid gets all the attention from our awesome instructors. Each lesson is totally tailored to what your kid needs, so they can learn at their own speed.

Whether your kid needs help chatting in Spanish or acing their school Spanish, KiDeeF has their back. Lessons can be all about talking Spanish or nailing school stuff.

Who’s Behind Kasa De Franko?

Kasa De Franko is your go-to language school nestled in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, proudly serving Northern California for over a decade. We’re all about bringing Spanish to life!

We’ve got intro Spanish programs for both kids and grown-ups, split into Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced levels. And hey, if you’re after other languages or cool after-school stuff, hit us up for a chat!

KiDeeF Methods!

At KiDeeF, we’ve got this magic way of teaching like Spanish-speaking kids learn – lots of fun talking and hanging out, just like a real language adventure!

Come check out our cool methods and join the KiDeeF gang for a super awesome Spanish time!

All E-learning Material Provided!

If your kiddo doesn’t need school stuff, we’ve got heaps of cool e-stuff: online books, workbooks, funky presentations, cool flashcards, fun games, catchy songs, and loads of interactive stuff.

And guess what? It’s all included in the class fee! Your kid will rock at reading, writing, speaking, and especially chatting in Spanish.

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