Intermediate Spanish 1 – Online

Intermediate Spanish 1 – Online

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Dates: May 26th to  July 7th
Time: Tuesdays 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. 
Duration: 7 sessions of 1.5 hours – 20% Off On Regular Price
Age:  Adults (18+) 

All class materials included. 

Note: Due to the current situation: Covid-19, the beginning of this class will be held online. If the situation normalizes, we can eventually switch to in-person lessons.

Intermediate classes at KDF are conducted almost completely in Spanish. Instruction will be given in Spanish, and students will converse primarily in Spanish.

Course Content:

  • Comparing and conversing with more regular/irregular verbs in Present/Past Tense
  • Uses of DAR and DECIR with Direct Object Pronouns (POD),  Indirect Object Pronouns (POI), and Double Pronouns.
  • Past Tense: Distinguishing Imperfect and Preterit.
  • Past Tense:  Review of Irregular Preterit
  • Stem change Preterit conjugations.
  • Imperfect conjugations: Verbs ending in -ER and -IR
  • Irregular verbs in the Imperfect: SER/IR/VER.
  • Reflexive verbs in the Past Tense: Preterit PONERSE using vocab for clothes and weather.
  • Reflexive verbs to express reciprocal actions and the passive voice.
  • Basic uses of Imperfect Past Tense: habits and continuous actions.
  • Vocabulary:  transportation and vacations
  • Theory review: Direct and Indirect object pronouns.
  • Review of Present Tense conjugation and pronouns.
  • Imperfect: expressing general/timeless actions vs. Preterit: expressing specific/limited actions.
  • Review of Phrasal verbs: acabar de to express recent past used with Preterit/Imperfect.
  • Vocabulary: danzas y trajes típicos.
  • Compare the use of Preterit and Imperfect to talk about the weekend, and the past summer, and converse about favorite books and/or movies.
  • Simple Verbs vs. Compound Verbs.

 Group Class Size Policy:

  • Three students  minimum per group are required  to have the full 10.5-hour program
  • Two students or less, the same fee,  7 sessions of 1 hour.
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