Spring Is Here! Long Live to love in “Spanyol”!

¡Qué viva el amor y la primavera!

Spring is here: Your hormones are blooming. You must Fall in Love in Spanish! Love is in the air, can you taste it? OK. Don’t taste it too much!

Don’t just get lusty, fall in love! That’s why you must learn Spanish. Earn romance with a romance language. Spanish is a romance language for a reason, right?

In spring the sun shines longer, trees bud, the weather gets hotter, and unicorns become real. Note: if you are seeing pink elephants, you might be under the effects of some substance!

Summer is also around the corner, and, of course, everyone starts wearing less clothes. Bikinis/mankinis are worn 69% more often than usual.

Do you want to fall in love, or at least increase your chances of engaging in reproductive activities as spring 2018 heats up?

Then learn how to speak Spanish!

The odds of communicating with Spanish speakers is a must with the Latino population at an all-time high. YES! We, Latinos, love to spend more time in reproductive activities.

By learning to think, speak, and write in Spanish at Kasa De Franko you can communicate with that person you’ve only dreamed of, and fall in love.

You can also increase Twitter followers, become an astronaut, get laid, get paid, and still have time for dinner, a movie, a midnight snack, and a missed call from an unknown number.



You can engage with a whole new world through language. This spring, what will it be?

As the sun warms the Earth and your clothes come off, you’ll be hot again. The question is, will you be winning?

You deserve to win.  My advice: Up your game.  Learn how to communicate in Spanish with services from Kasa De Franko.  Beginners welcome! I promise I will be nice ¡Sí se puede! ¡Poco a poco!

So you can see that I am nice, here’s a quick lesson, on the house.



  • If it’s hot outside, be careful to not confuse the phrase, “estoy caliente” with “tengo calor.” Estoy Caliente means “I am horny,” and tengo calor, “I am hot.”
  • Voy a correrme” doesn’t mean “I’m gonna go run,” it means, “I’m going to make myself have an orgasm.”
  • If you are eating a quality chicken dish you may be apt to say, “Me gusta la polla,” but what you’ll be saying is, “I like dick.” You were talking about chicken, right?

I want you to fall in love and learn Spanish in 2018.  Kasa de Franko te puede ayudar a flechar a Cupido

Will you learn a new language

I want you to. I’m here to help you build a bridge to others seeking connection.  Words will connect you to loving people, their dogs and cats included.

Did you know that there are 400 million Spanish speakers in the world making it the second most spoken foreign language?  Can you imagine all the people who are single and looking?

Imagine your confidence level if you could really speak Spanish and thank me later when you’ve met the men or women of your dreams. ¡Qué viva el amor! ¡Chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu amigos!

      Think in Spanish! Don’t just Speak Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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