Take the Bull by the Horns!

Do you have what it takes to Learn Spanish with the mighty Master Franko?  Yes, Yes, Yes YOU DO!  But can you handle the Bull and its powerful horns?  Read on and Find Out!

 TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS= COGER (tomar) EL TORO POR LAS ASTAS (cuernos). That’s how we say it in Spanish.

As in English, it also means to take control of a situation and face it as it should be. Deal with that difficult situation in a very direct way. Don’t just avoid it! Our Spanish lessons at Kasa De Franko will teach you how to face that MAD BULL!

Learning the Spanish language is like taking a Bull by the Horns.  Our 2,000-pound horny friend can be graceful or aggressive and grabbing its horns requires much skill, composure, and willpower.

The bull is a mighty animal.  It commands respect and is a prolific symbol of Spanish heritage.  Do you have what it takes to grab the bull by the horns and tame this great, thundering beast?  If you do, the ride will be worth it.  Once you hop on that wild, untamed animal, you will have the command of a powerful creature who thunders the ground below, wherever you want it to go.  You can take that Bull for a lifelong run through small towns or the beach or straight into the city, demanding respect wherever you go.  The people will fall to their knees and worship you.  Drinks will be raised as they chant your name.  Men and women will swoon at your feet begging for you to touch their head. Statues will be made in your honor.

Learning Spanish is a challenge, but so was tying your shoes when you were six.  Those long undisciplined laces were like silly strings in your hands, as you tried to get the hoops right, so you could tie the damn things.  When you figured out how to make the perfect bunny ears, Velcro became a thing of the past.  It was time to move up and on in your life of learning.

Compare learning Spanish to tying your shoes.  You may just know the basics like how to say, “Wooly Booly,” “Me llamo Phil” or “Dos tacos por favor” and that’s fine, for a while.  I must break it to you:  If you are a beginner at speaking Spanish, you are still wearing Velcro shoes.  They keep your feet clean in the mud but don’t offer the full functionality and tightness than shoes with laces do.  With laced shoes you can run, jump, and twirl like a Master of Dance.  You are now the Master.  Your future love partners will be salivating, and oozing admiration.


Don’t Upset the Bull

When Bulls are angry, they are forces of nature—Look Out!  A storming bull is like a medieval battering ram coming to break down your front door—better have an insurance plan.

Are you able to maneuver your way to safety or will you be the next pile of skin and bones lying in the middle of the plaza saying, “¡Dios Mio! —Wish I would’ve learned how to trick the thing!”  Well, mis amigos, there are a lot of tricks these days.  You can pretend to learn the language by dragging and dumping text into a Google Translate or memorize phrases from the English to Spanish dictionary, but that is bull$h!t.  If you are only parroting phrases, you’ll get you nowhere fast.  Instead of being fed chocolate in a luxury suite, you’ll be sitting in an alley at 3 a.m. making a regrettable Facebook update, “Is anybody up?”.  Call Franko and let him be your teacher in Spanish.  Franko will teach you how to Learn Spanish online.

If you don’t, then next time that attractive person comes to you and starts speaking Spanish, you will hear a bunch of gobbledygook and end up saying, “Check Please! ¡Estoy enfermo, lo siento!”.  You will have to suffer the fact that you don’t know jack-squat.

My lesson:  Take the bull by the horns.  Do not try to trick the bull and please, do not run from it.  We know what happens to people when they do that, it has consequences, like a hole in your butt:  Holy Mole!!

It’s easy to ride a bull when they have a stirrup, and ropes tied around and are being led from the neck by a minimum wage carnival employee named Cletus, but that’s child’s play.  You want to speak and listen and learn from others so why not do it in the environment where you can roll your tongue and wave your hands and say “Ay caramba!” after a glorious goal in the World Cup. How about raising a glass at the bar and belting out Selena’s “Soñando Contigo” with your new amigos y amigas?  Study Spanish and Prosper.

May the Bull be with You! 

I tell you, the Bull is waiting for you.  Waiting to partner with you on an incredible journey where you will go from being a beginning carnival bull-rider to a master horn grabber.

Give us a call and put your horns at our hands! Sorry I meant let us show you how to take the bull by its horns.

If you want to learn how to say this expression (and many more) in Spanish visit us! Contact us!  We also do classes online as well as in-person.

Llama Ahora! @ KASA DE FRANKO! A FUN SPANISH SCHOOL serving the Bay Area & the Silicon Valley for almost a decade. Our friends and students live or work in Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara County, Milpitas, Campbell, Los Altos, South and North San Jose, Los Gatos, San Francisco, San Mateo, Burlingame etc.

Try us out and you will be able to THINK IN SPANISH! DON’T JUST SPEAK SPANISH!

      Think in Spanish! Don’t just Speak Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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