Franko Muñoz Ruiz


Franko Muñoz Ruiz, a native of Peru, is a USF graduate who double-majored in Politics and Psychology with a minor in Latino-American studies and French.

Franko speaks six languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin. Being a polyglot, he seeks to help communities find a common ground for their cultural differences.

From an early age, Franko was exposed to a variety of cosmopolitan and multicultural environments in different countries.

With over 20 years of experience in language education and arts, Franko’s goal is to promote a multi-lingual lifestyle with an emphasis on the Spanish language and culture.

Franko enjoys dancing and sharing with his students traditional Peruvian dances: Besides marinera and Afro-Peruvian tap, he likes dancing salsa and all types of Latin music. He plays the cajon (Peruvian drums) and the guitar. He likes singing traditional Peruvian songs and uses singing as a learning tool.

Franko, as a Spanish Teacher & a Tutor, prepares students to pass tests of sufficiency in Spanish and other languages. His passion is teaching and he always makes his classes fun and full of humor!