Juan Ramos

Juan is a Spanish teacher from Chepen-Peru. He holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. He has obtained a degree as an English teacher from Universidad Nacional de Trujillo.

He is currently working on his third degree in Language Pedagogy. He wants to help others to learn a second language. That’s why he loves being a Spanish Instructor at Kasa de Franko.

Juan also designs English lessons for his coworkers. Holding a degree in English-Spanish translation allows him to facilitate English conversational groups where his coworkers can develop their English skills. He enjoys learning languages because that way, he can better help his students by understanding the struggle of learning a new language.

His next languages are French and Portuguese. He believes that teaching English and Spanish will better help him to learn these two languages. He thinks Kasa de Franko is the best place to develop all these skills.

He is happy to have the opportunity to help his students to improve their Spanish-speaking skills and, especially, loves sharing his culture with them. He is the head of the Academics Department in charge of creating Kasa de Franko’s learning material.