Pedro López

Pedro López is a Spanish Teacher, originally from Barcelona, Venezuela. Having lived in Peru and Venezuela, he likes sharing his experience with both the Peruvian and Venezuelan cultures. For him, cultural immersion is the best way to learn a language. Humor and patience are part of his teaching style.

He earned his degree as an English Language Teacher from the IUTSO Languages and Administration Technical Institute in Venezuela. Pedro recommends his students immerse themselves in the Spanish language from the very first day of class.

He has taught Spanish as a second language to working adults for more than six years. His classes are conversational and engaging—always using applied grammar. In class, he recreates the most natural setting to learn Spanish in context using comprehensible inputs. His students learn conversational Spanish which is reinforced by the use of grammatical structure.

He never stops learning and he is always looking for an opportunity to better himself. He is currently working on obtaining his TEFL & TESOL certifications. Besides being a Spanish Instructor at KDF, he has worked as Kasa De Franko’s Manager Assistant for more than four years. He assists KDF’s students, coordinates KDF’s classes, and manages KDF’s team’s work and teachers’ schedules. By doing so, he guarantees clients not only a meaningful learning process but also a memorable experience at Kasa De Franko.

He loves traveling: Every weekend is an opportunity to visit & explore new places & try new things especially the delicious Peruvian food. Food allows him to know a culture better: For him, eating Peruvian food especially chancho al palo is the best. He loves visiting museums and archeological sites.