Technology is Great to Learn Spanish! But a Machine will never speak like you–or for you

Machines are Taking Over! Can they express your feelings better than yourself?

Technology is excellent, isn’t it?  Think of the incredible things we can do with our smartphones.  We can send dirty pics (I mean money), talk to strangers (including clowns) about our problems, and receive an instant slew of images about anything we want to see (like hot fruit buns).

We can plug in the coordinates to a famous bakery, find the best walking route, and be guided step-by-step to lemon-filled cookies dusted with powdered sugar.  We can also take a photo of those cookies, upload them to our social media pages, receive 100’s of likes (maybe only two) and then use our phone to pay for them. Cha-Ching!

But what if we want to have a real conversation with the baker, plan a catering event, or ask him or her to close up shop, disrobe, and get covered in powdered sugar and frosting for some sweet-gooey fun?

The phone is not going to help much there, plus computer chips don’t make the batter better, only bitter.

Now, I do not advise asking your local baker to close their business and propose such downright-dirty things, but let’s pretend because why not?

You discover that the baker speaks another language than you, Spanish in this case.  The baker is a ten out of ten with a gracious personality and has the most pipin’ hot buns you’ve seen in years.  And I’m not talking about gluten-free ciabatta rolls or poppyseed muffins; I’m talkin’ Grade A badonkadonk; a top-choice whoopie cake.

So how will you break the ice?

What if the baker doesn’t speak any English?  How will you ever get to know him/her if you can’t express yourself in his/her language?

Are you going to rely on your machine?  Google Translate, you and the baker, will have an awkward relationship, as you feverishly type in the things you want to say and ask her to slowly repeat what she says three times before getting in the right words.

Redonkulous and insane.

To effectively communicate naturally, you cannot rely on a machine to translate a living language.  It will be impossible to live spontaneously or relish at the moment

as your phone’s translation system begins to drive a wedge between you and those top-shelf honeybuns.

Are you willing to take the next step and learn Spanish online or in person at Kasa De Franko Spanish school?


With our lessons tailored to your level and needs, you can go from zero to hero in that beloved baker’s eyes and become his or her new main squeeze.

With the power of Spanish, you can blog, tweet, sing, write, sell, market, and lead a new army of people.

More money for you and more honeybuns for me…I mean, you.

A machine won’t be able to express better than you when you are speaking a foreign language, which is why it’s time to learn.

A whole array of sweets awaits you.

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