The Hunt for the Conspira-Truth of Coronavirus

La teoria conspiranoica del virus sin corona!
Bat Virus or Weapon?

Dean Koontz wrote in his 1981 thriller The Eyes of Darkness about “the most important and dangerous biological weapon,” known as the “Wuhan-400.” In his book, this virus affected a person’s respiratory system—a strange coincidence. And ever since the Covid19 outbreak, social media has been flooded with controversial theories. Some have linked the outbreak to experiments, to bats, to American soldiers, and to it being a covert attack by the Chinese Communist Party. But nobody has put Koontz on a rack and questioned how in the Hell he came up with that, sadly.

Before going into the origin of the virus, it’s important to state that racism and xenophobia have been a result of this virus, and it’s a slippery slope. The Chinese people as a whole (or other Asians) are not to blame for the virus. If some cuckoos cocked this up for power or world-economic domination, then it wasn’t the choice of the people of China, or wherever we may believe the origin came from. So, be nice, won’t you?

However, it’s safe to speculate and follow the crumbs to make some sense of the whole ordeal.

A Few Head-Scratchers
Coronavirus, Emoji, Protector Bucal

Recently, before the virus, the Chinese government appointed its top military bio-warfare expert to take over the lab in Wuhan. Chen Wei, a significant general of the People’s Liberation Army, was flown down to Wuhan in January. In 2003 Chen’s team created a spray that prevented medical workers from contacting SARS. This same spray was seen spraying from trucks, and other individuals (who resembled Orkin Men spraying pesticides), going throughout Wuhan-proper and other offices within the city “spraying” the hell out of everything in sight. Chen and her team were already working on developing a quicker way to screen coronavirus BEFORE the virus.

China’s death toll compared to the Americas, Spain, or Italy is hugely different. Considering the initial epicenter was in China, and their numbers were far lower than the United States, it almost appears they were well-aware of how to take care of it, shut it down, while the rest of the world wasn’t. The virus has spread all over the place now, and actually finding the source of it is extremely difficult, but with a transparent Chinese government, that could theoretically be possible. Unfortunately, the government is not very transparent, keeping blinders on the eyes of many of their citizens through draconian surveillance and limits on their digital information via the internet.

Coverups and Crackdowns
Profesión, Grupos Profesionales, Cirujano, Doctor

When telling the truth disrupts those atop the social order, you know we are in trouble. The death of whistleblowing Dr. Li Wenliang, who worked at Wuhan Central Hospital, was a sorrowful time for many Chinese and the world around. He became a global icon, as he did what any doctor should do; he saw severe instances of the coronavirus in patients and let his colleagues know on Weibo telling them to wear protective clothing and be careful. The Chinese authorities soon caught up with Dr. Wenliang and made him sign a letter that accused him of making false comments that severely disrupted the social order. Oh boy. Bad doctor! Shame!

Wenliang wrote, “if the officials had disclosed information about the epidemic earlier, I think it would have been a lot better. There should be more openness and transparency.”

When asked, “How did you feel when the police accused you of spreading rumors?” he replied, “the police believed this virus was not confirmed to be SARS. They thought I was spreading rumors. They asked me to acknowledge that I was at fault. I felt I was being wronged, but I had to accept it. Obviously, I had been acting out of a goodwill. I felt very sad seeing so many people losing their loved ones.”

 Just one week after blowing the whistle, the first death from the virus was confirmed. Six weeks later, he died of the very same virus he was trying to treat. Social media is heavily censored, but many citizens hailed the doctor while the phrase “we want freedom of speech” was shared on Weibo. CCP rarely bowed to pressure and sent leaders to issue to their condolences and make a public announcement.

China also hoarded PPE. You see, it needed more PPE and fast at the start of the outbreak. In a matter of six weeks, China imported 2.5 billion pieces of masks and equipment, coordinated by the United Front Work Department. They moved early to get the stuff for hospitals while covering up the virus to the rest of the world. Then, the rest of the world had a PPE shortage. For us men and boys, at least we still had our peepees.

Escarabajo, Insecto, Investigación, Mujeres, Insectos

According to an online video of semi-reputable news-origin, it took six days after Chinese officials knew about the outbreak, and it took them that long to warn the public after officials determined they were facing a pandemic. I would hope they would tell me sooner if they pooped their pants before getting in my car.

Recently, a conservative lawyer filed a class-action suit against China for the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyer Larry Klayman claimed that the Chinese govt developed the virus as an illegal biological weapon. His group, “Freedom Watch,” made a complaint in the Texas federal court. The group seeks at least $20 trillion from China for its “reckless indifference and malicious attacks.” They also seek someone to actually take their case too I’m sure.

While researchers and public health experts have discredited conspiracy theories, studies show that the coronavirus originated as an animal virus that jumped to humans. Since its outbreak in Wuhan China, Coronavirus has spread all across the world. But now, while China has been able to control it, Covid-19 is wreaking havoc on Europe and the USA. U.S. President Trump argued that the Chinese govt covered up the outbreak and is calling an investigation into its origins. Let’s hope he doesn’t find Stormy Daniels again.

Hail the Dead

Dead people don’t talk. For anyone who needs information from someone, or age-old wisdom (like don’t wipe your ass with a pinecone), you’ll have to catch them while they’re alive. Those who have died from the virus, unfortunately, cannot tell all. For some, the truth does set them free, but not those they leave behind.


Lately, there has been an ongoing thread that maybe the coronavirus is not what they say it is. Perhaps it’s a weapon. Or an accident? Once you go down the rabbit hole, it’s hard to say that you will ever be the same again. You see, there are many conspiracies online, and floating around everyone’s heads.

After a little searching for coronavirus, you may discover that Tom Hanks is dead, and a deep fake is now doing all his P.R., even hosting Saturday Night Live. The Democratic party runs a cartel-like cabal that trafficks and keeps thousands of children underground in cages and tunnels so the elites and celebrities can remain youthful while drinking their blood. You learn something new every day.

The problem with going down the internet rabbit hole is that the truth is hard to verify.

La Ciencia, Laboratorio, Prueba, Tubos, Equipo

A bioweapon is any weapon(s) useable in biological warfare.

An expert in germ warfare defense Mark Kortepeter said on TRT WORLD that “it’s tough to determine that something came out of a laboratory, especially if you can’t access that laboratory.”

It’s likely, according to him, that the coronavirus came from nature. Determining whether or not it’s manmade, leads one to searching for the so-called smoking gun. “If you could get into the laboratory and identify the specimens before the outbreak,” there’s a chance.

Now the virus could have also escaped the Wuhan lab, as the Level 4 Bio-laboratory perhaps wasn’t up to standard.

Conspiracy Fact

The truth is we may never know. Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the sex life of Mr. Rogers—there are things in life that will forever be a mystery. However, what you can count on is that Kasa De Franko will always be here for you and your Spanish language needs.

We are a family here, a community of learners that know how to have fun, work hard, and enjoy ourselves. There’s no time like the present to get engaged in deepening your language skills.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

While we may not know the exact origin of the coronavirus, we can remember this: Life is muy precioso and worth living, growing, learning, and loving!


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