The Spanish Language: Your Road to a different personality

Your Alter Ego: The Spanish Language

People who are fluent in duel languages tend to also feel that their personality shifts as they switch between the languages. One minute they’re rational and logical, another minute they’re crazed and deranged, and the next minute they’re lewd and lascivious.  Bipolar much? Most likely not, but you’re definitely crossing into a field that bilinguals are far too familiar with: the feeling of having multiple personalities while speaking different languages.

Take for instance what for many is the language of love (LOL), also known as French.  This could lead you towards a whirlwind of saucy conversations and romantic destinations. The once upon a time shy guy is now a natural Lothario. Or maybe you’ll become incredible aware about every emotion or idea that exist. This would be the time to let the more expressive side of you dominate within the German language.

Feeling quite demonstrative and impassioned? Are you gesticulating at a higher rate than ever before? If the answer is yes to those questions, than you’re probably speaking Italian. And one just doesn’t speak Italian; you can also show it with an abundance of hand gestures at your choosing. And if your personality happens to be brimming with enthusiasm and fervor, then you’re unquestionably speaking the Spanish language.  The rhythmic flow and the structure, the clear vowels and light consonants, the favoring of open syllables, the wonderful intonations, the compounds, the stress patterns, and to top it off in the end with superb stortytelling.

At Kasa de Franko you’ll learn conversational Spanish, Spanish for traveling, the correct Spanish pronunciations, overall you’ll be learning Spanish to the point where you could speak it fluently. Find out what interesting personality will come roaring out of you when you enroll to learn Spanish online or in person at Kasa de Franko!

Think in Spanish! Don’t just speak Spanish!

Embrace the Spanish Culture! Don’t just learn Spanish!


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