To Have Another Language Is To Possess Another Soul

What Kind of soul would you get when learning Spanish? A playful one or just mischievous one? 

Would you find your twin soul? Maybe!

Would you like to be possessed by the BEST Spanish Soul you’ll ever have? by evil Kasa de Franko

It’s not like you don’t hear it most places you go. At the café, when taking a walk in the park, or even at a local bank. It’s even an option when you call a company hoping to speak to a human, but instead, you get an automated phone system telling you, “For English, dial one. Para español, marque número Dos.”

The USA is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the entire world! We live in a perpetually thriving nation. It almost feels archaic to at least not know a few basic words in Spanish. But what if you could turn those few basic words into full sentences, complete paragraphs, or even jam-packed pejoratives for when a vehicle decides to cut you off. Well with Spanish classes from Kasa de Franko, you can do just that (you can also learn Spanish as an academic tool for a gateway to learning new things… just saying).

Don’t tell me you didn’t feel left out in the summer of 2017 when the smash chart-topping song “Despacito” was blaring out of every nearby speaker, and left all the non-Spanish speaking lovers of the song quietly mumbling gibberish to themselves while swaying their hips.

What? Not enough drive for you to take that Spanish lesson?


Imagine having to consciously think every time that you apply toothpaste onto a toothbrush, or having to consciously think to wipe every time that you have a glorious bowel movement. Let’s make learning Spanish that part of the brain you’re barely aware of, but that still has an important influence on your speech aptitude.

Spanish is not only beneficial for you on an educational stance, but it also puts you ahead of the curve with your attributes as far as being a potential employee candidate goes. What more motivation do you need to beef up that resume and acquire the position?

Learning Spanish is not a temporary use. It’s a skill that you can use for a lifetime. Most people are very timid when it comes to testing out a new language in public, but with Spanish lessons from Kasa de Franko you’ll have the self-confidence to flaunt your new linguistic skills with a native tongue speaker in no time.

To quote the medieval emperor, Charlemagne: “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Who wouldn’t want a second soul? Can you imagine reaching the pearly gates of heaven only to find out they won’t let you in due to a language barrier?

Pfft! I don’t think that’s the afterlife any of us would want. Learn Spanish with Kasa de Franko’s method first.

Think in Spanish! Don’t just Speak Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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