Top 7 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Not later! No tomorrow! But NOW!

At Kasa de Franko (KDF), people do not just learn the Spanish language, but also get a deep insight into the Spanish culture. You should definitely consider joining  online/in person Spanish lessons at KDF if you’re based out of San Jose, California, which has such a large Latin American community.

Reason #1: San Jose has a large Latino or Hispanic community. 

The latest data reveals that almost 30% of San Jose’s popoulation is comprised of Latin Americans. If you are a doctor, lawyer, small business owner or social worker based in San Jose, you will be working a lot with the local Latino or Hispanic community.  It would really help if you could communicate with them in a language they understand best – Spanish. This would certainly help with your business or practice.

Reason #2: It gives you an edge in the job market. 

If you’re in San Jose, you know how competitive the job market can be around here. It is incredibly tough to get a decent job. It would certainly give you an advantage over others if you speak Spanish. Remember, 30% of the folks around here speak Spanish, so recruiters expect employees to be bilingual, to be able to talk to customers or clients in either English or Spanish.

Reason #3: You will learn more about Spanish culture. 

One of the main reasons why you should join my online Spanish speaking classes compared to any other is that I don’t just teach you Spanish – I give you an insight into the beautiful Spanish or Latino culture, which is so unique and enchanting. You will learn things about the Spanish culture that no book or TV program would yell you about.

Reason #4: You will make new friends!

Making new friends should be your #1 reason to learn Spanish. After all, we can’t just live in a bubble or in our own world. All of us have to reach out and make friends with people from other cultures, religious or ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and sexual orientation.

San Jose is a very cosmopolitan city, and California is the most liberal, diverse and inclusive state in America. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be able to live here and I will teach you how to make new friends in San Jose by improving your Spanish speaking skills.

Reason #5: Learn Spanish before travelling abroad. 

Are you planning to visit Peru, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia Spain, Argentina, or for that matter any Spanish-speaking country on vacation? Then it really makes sense to learn at least the basics of Spanish, so that you can find your way around in those countries, order a drink or a taxi-cab, chat with the locals and make friends.

Reason #6: Do you have a Latin@ girlfriend or boyfriend?

Every reason for you to learn Spanish then! No better way to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend than to talk to them in their language. Also, when you talk to their parents, siblings and other family members in Spanish, you will be accepted by them as a part of the family.

Reason #7: You won’t have to rely on a translator.

Are you a politician or business executive, and have extensive dealings with Spanish businesses and the Spanish community? You have probably hired many Spanish language translators to get your message across. But wouldn’t it make you a lot more comfortable if you could speak Spanish yourself? Nobody likes relying on other people when it comes to getting their message across.  That’s another main reason to take up the Beginner Spanish, Intermediate Spanish and Advanced Spanish online courses, instead of hiring a translator.

 As I always tell my students:


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