Why Everyone in Silicon Valley Should Learn Spanish?

Hey everyone! Kasa de Franko is a fun online & in-person Spanish school based on the heart of the Silicon Valley. KDF uses a highly innovative method to teach people Spanish. How? I make learning Spanish fun and interesting and teach my students not just the language, but make sure that they get to see and experience Spanish culture.


If you’re in Silicon Valley, you know how important Spanish is – it is the second most important language after English in the San Jose – Silicon Valley area.

The Silicon Valley attracts people from all over the world – highly talented engineers and entrepreneurs from India, China, Germany, the UK, France, Australia and so many other countries. We also have a large Latino community here, who are very much a part of the Silicon Valley culture.


Could learning Spanish make a difference to your job prospects in Silicon Valley?

Yes! Spanish is one of the widely used languages not just in the US, but across the world. Knowing Spanish can be a big advantage in California, which has the largest Spanish speaking community in the United States.

Learning Spanish will certainly help you as a professional. It will open a number of business opportunities to you. It adds an extra bow to your arsenal and you can very well become the Spanish expert in your company.

Remember, the Latin American community in the US is really large – 56.6 million according to recent estimates and growing fast. That’s even larger than the population of a major European nation such as Spain or any big Latino American country like Argentina or Peru.

There are so many business opportunities to be found if you can speak Spanish in the United States. Every company, large and small, wants a piece of the Latin American market, in California and in the rest of the country.

Also, even if you speak Spanish, you could always improve it taking my online and in-person lessons for intermediate and advanced learners. You will get immediate feedback and how to improve further.

When you master the Spanish language over a period of time, you will be considered as the go-to person on any business dealings your company will have with South American nations, or Spain. Spanish is also spoken in Africa and Asia.

This opens up a number of great professional opportunities for you, which will certainly help you advance in your career. You will have no trouble working on assignments abroad and will be able to put across you views more forcefully in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual workplace environment.

Working closely with the local Spanish community in Silicon Valley, as a doctor, lawyer or social worker, or as a small business owner, you know how important it is to learn Spanish. This will certainly make your business grow and attract more clients.

There’s more to learning Spanish than just about career advancement or being able to relate to your customers and clients better. Here’s one of the many reasons why some of my students sign up for my online Spanish courses: To impress an attractive person of the opposite sex (or the same sex!:).

So if you want to make a cute Spanish speaking girl or a handsome Latino guy fall in love with you, say “Hola!” with that Spanish accent!

This is Franko, and if you’re in Silicon Valley and want to learn Spanish in a fun, friendly, encouraging and no-pressure environment, you are welcome to sign up for my online Spanish courses.



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