Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

Hey, Fools! April’s here & April fools’ too

Hey, fools! It’s April’s Fool! ¨That’s¨ what they say but not “what she said.” April fools’ Day is in December for Spanish speakers! Wait! What? Crazy Spanish speakers! Now, you are going to tell me that you will be offering Free Spanish Classes for April Fools’, right? That’s correct we’re offering complimentary lessons to our community. It’s true. We promise we won’t say: ¨Fooled ya.¨

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

April Fools´ in Other Cultures!

April Fools’ Day is celebrated in some cultures: or it is, at least, in the French and the English-Speaking world. April Fools’ Day: that special time of the year when you can say and do anything and get away with it too—or at least you can get away with a free Spanish class. Click the red button at the end of this post to claim your free pass.

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

Different Day, Different Month!

The equivalent of April Fools’ Day in the Spanish speaking world falls on a different day—and to be more precise in a different month. In the Spanish-Speaking world is more related to its omnipresent Catholic tradition. What a surprise, right?

In Spanish speaking countries, we play pranks (bromas) on each other on the 28th of December. In Spanish, it is called “El Dia de los Inocentes”, which is based on the traditional Catholic calendar. After the prank, we will say: ¨Pobre e inocente palomita, caíste toda redondita¨(¨Fooled ya! You fell for it)

Pranks in spanish

April Fools Didn’t Pick Up in Spanish Culture?

Who knows why the April’ fools tradition didn’t gain popularity in the Spanish culture but we, at least, know this: In the Spanish-speaking world, we celebrate it the same way, just on a different day. ¡Un verso sin esfuerzo!

Disclaimer: We actually know. We already mentioned that the strong Catholic tradition of December 28th (Dia de los Santos Inocentes) didn’t need a competition in April.

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

999-999 never mind!

You want to learn more fun facts about the Spanish Culture? Give us call at 999-999 never mind! Just kidding! Or 999-999 nueve.. nueve.. nuevecito!

You want to learn how to pun (and maybe to punk) in Spanish? Contact Us! At Kasa de Franko: Free Spanish lessons on April’s fool! Just, don’t be a fool!

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools' %%sep%%

Learn Spanish

You won’t only learn these fun facts but the most common pranks in Spanish and how double meaning works. Of course, what is one of the very first thing everybody wants to learn when learning a new language: obscene language and how to curse, right? ¡No mientas! (Don’t lie!) Learn some dirty word in our section Language Bloopers!

fynny spanish

Romance with Romans?

So, you thought they ONLY call us romance languages because we roll our “R’s” when we say “romance.” Wrong! Let’s break it down again: Do you have any idea why they call us a romance language? Right! You got it NOW! No? Okay, no worries. We’ll explain next.

I know it’s confusing to juggle words like “romantic,” “romance,” and “Romans” – they look alike but may have adopted different meanings through cultural and historical evolution. The word “romance” comes from the Old French term “romanz,” referring to a type of medieval literature that emphasized love as its primary theme. The late 18th-century Romantic movement solidified the meaning we now know of the term “romantic.”

Romance languages are believed to have derived from Latin, which is why they are associated with Rome. Stay tuned to learn more about the differences between these terms in our upcoming articles–or maybe attending our Free Spanish Classes for April Fools’.

romatic spanish

Playing with Words!

We, Spanish.speakers, love words as much as we love “love”–ergo romance. We love words and we play with them. Well, not only with words! Talking about romance and romatic? Check out our sagas El Sexy Chupacabras & Things Spanish People Say in the Bedroom to learn sexy words and dirty phrases in Spanish.

dirty words in spanish

Sex Isn’t Really a Taboo!

As it is in every culture, in the Spanish culture, sex is such a taboo. Nevertheless, we love to use puns to help us deal with it. Then, Spanish puns are full, of course, of sexual innuendo. Our way to exorcise our demons and deal with human taboos? May be!

Well, everyone has their own preferences, right? Sex, has been after all, used to regulate societies in various ways through different times and civilizations. Sex isn’t a taboo, after all, Foucault would say.

sex spanish

Phill D’Asheitt’s Story

I know, you are probably nodding your head now as my friend Phill D’Asheitt does while saying: “Theeese Spanish speakers.” But you “gotta” see how excited he gets when watching girls in bikini on Univision or Telemundo. Once, I asked him: “Do you speak Spanish?” He goes: “No! But I love the Spanish culture man!”

Yeah right! Isn’t your name Hippocrates? I know my good friend Pill D’Asheitt—kinda full of shit too—is not only a fool but full of his last name. We know it is not about the Spanish language itself but about enjoying watching the bikinis’ designs and his tequila shots!

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

Go for More!

More what? Tequila? Well, did you hear that alcohol helps you speak Spanish? Well, don’t believe us! Read our section Alcohol Rhymes with Spanyol. If you like creepy stories check our section called Legends & Folktales.

Now, let’s switch gears from our playful exploration of laughter, fun, language, sex, alcohol and drugs—the latter not too much though—to something equally thrilling – free Spanish classes at Kasa De Franko!.

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'

Is Kasa De Franko Free!

Kasa de Franko offers both private and group lessons. We are well-established language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, serving our community for over a decade from the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Kasa de Franko is giving away Free Spanish Classes for April Fools’ Day. Don’t pass up the chance to kickstart your Spanish learning journey! This is your golden opportunity to start working towards your dream of mastering Spanish. Just scroll down and hit that red button for a Free Spanish Class. And always remember….

Free Spanish Classes for April Fools'
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