Don’t let them gossip about you in Spanish!

  What’s said in Spanish, stays in Spanish!

Imagine if you understood what Spanish speakers said about you behind your back…you might become the most feared person on the planet (and loved)!

Like having a SUPERPOWER:

Like the Third Eye, you have always dreamed about



It’s Friday at 12 p.m., and you’re hungry—but not for the usual American fare.  You need to try that Mexican grocery store that sells those five-dollar burritos you keep hearing about.  You step into the grocery, see the small stand in the corner, but they’re all speaking Spanish.  The cooks in the back are laughing and having a good time, with Mexican music and trumpets blaring.  As you’re ordering, you notice they are saying things and looking in your direction.  Hmm…

Ever wonder what people are saying that speak a different language than you?  How about what they’re saying ABOUT YOU?  Now the stakes get raised because it can’t be all compliments! You wish you had that third eye you always wanted. You can fix that:


Many people are paranoid because those that speak a different language might just be planning something suspicious, or perhaps talking bad about yo’ momma!

Any person who’s worked as a server in a restaurant knows full and well about the talk going on behind the scenes.  Not so friendly banter between front and back of house turns into a slew of messages muttered under the breaths of the cooks.  They probably aren’t saying what a lovely person the server is.  Time for learning Spanish in the Bay Area with an online Spanish tutor who you can make sure you know all the secrets about what they’re saying!

If you want to know what “balboso” means or “tonto” than it’s time to brush up on your Spanish language skills.  Next time someone utters something that doesn’t sound like praise, you can swiftly give them the stink eye and let them know in proper Spanish that you heard them.  You’ll have them shocked.  Their eyes will be wider than President Trump’s mouth during the debates against Hillary when he said, “Wrong.”

Most of the time you reasonably don’t care what others are saying, because people talk too much—especially Spanish-speakers; it looks like they never stop!  If you’re on the fence about learning Spanish, let that curiosity push you over.  With the California Latino population at 33 percent (and reproducing like bunnies), you have millions of reasons to embrace a foreign language.  I wrote an article about the 5 Reasons to Learn Spanish if you need convincing.

My name is Franko, and I am here to dispel the paranoia that non-Spanish speakers feel when others are talking bad about them.  You can learn all about the Latino culture and Spanish language with Online lessons at Kasa De Franko!  We are a fun learning environment and offer individualized guidance to put you one foot forward into a brand-new and exciting world!

What’s gossiped in Spanish, Stays in Spanish! Learn Spanish, so you know what they are saying behind your back!

Don’t let them gossip about you in Spanish!

Think in Spanish! Don’t just speak Spanish!

Embrace the Spanish Culture! Don’t just learn Spanish!

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