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Lessons and Group Meetups at Kasa De Franko – Spanish School

To learn Spanish, it takes a village. We speak to communicate and to ensure we are not eating the cow tongue when we want the filet.

And that is why we are here: to inspire, educate, be, and learn, learn, learn. We are also here to speak a million miles a minute and leave your eyes crossed, wondering if you heard the word biscuit, bagel, or boobie.

These days, you may be struggling with finances, are out of work, thinking you should clutch every last penny like Ebeneezer Scrooge, led around by ghosts to show you how your actions have ruined the life of little Timmy. You don’t have to do that. You can save Timmy. Look, not everything has a price tag, and we got your back firmly in our hands (don’t read that the wrong way). Read more and find out.

Viva La Free 

There are not many things in life for the price of free. However, a few worth mentioning: That feeling after you squeeze out a bowel movement and are one with everything. That one lucky day of the month (If you are on public aid) when BAM!—it hits and food, cash, medical, drugs and you are happy. Or just that one day of the month that your wife lets you choose any position from the Kama Sutra.  

A few more things that are free: one fillup on a cup of coffee at McDonald’s (dine-in only), free square coffee napkins at gas stations (stock up!), and a free wedgie from a fat kid in a sleeveless shirt with a mohawk and mullet who tortures you so bad you suffer tremors at the sight of a g-string bikini (those are just hormones talking).  

Love is free too. And so is the endless existence of opportunities that await each and every one of us supersmart monkeys.

Thinking of all the free things in the world, maybe it’s time to learn Spanish for free. You see, I know a Spanish School in San Jose, California, and in the universe (because we’re online too) that gives free the right name. It’s better than a bowel movement, better than free suckers at the doctor’s office, and even better than sex (you be the judge). 

Learning how to speak a foreign language is hard or tedious because Spanish for school could’ve been wrong, know that is nowhere near as fun as learning Spanish online with King of the Fools el Senor Franko. He makes learning fun; makes you want to improve so you can understand the inappropriate and dangerously dirty things flying a million miles out of his mouth. 


Welcome one, welcome all! Today is a significant announcement. Please have your pens ready and point them away from your eyes. Go ahead and color on yourself. Write this down.

Spanish Social Mingling Online

Feel free to mix up those words any way you like, they’ll all pretty much say the same thing. We offer a way to meet up, chill, talk some Spanish, and, most importantly, HAVE FUN. After all, speaking a language IS a social activity. Plus, being in the comfort of your own home has its benefits. Look at the picture above: Do you think those people are wearing pants? My friends, look no further than a perfect opportunity to free loaf, appreciate your presence, and learn some Espanol. Aye Papi!

Free Online Spanish Lesson

Ever wanted to know how to say “Oh Fu%k” or “mind pointing me to the brothel” or “Mom! I can’t find my keys! Did you move them!” You may even want to say, “give me a biscuit baby, and I’ll tell you about my wet dream. No, honestly, this is the only free lesson you will find in the whole entire world and if you negate me then…you still get free experience. For this, there are limited spots available. You have to fill out a form, turn your camera on (because if we hear a sound like chicken meat being slapped, we’ll know!), and you are welcome to pour yourself an alcoholic beverage of choice. After all, More Alcohol You Espik better Spanyol!

At KDF Spanish School, we work with a passion and a mission to serve each student and their needs. We have many walks of life united under a common purpose and boy do we have fun! Better bring an ice pack for your face because smiling too much hurts so good!  


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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