Spanish, an Immersive Experience

Free Spanish Classes for Chinese New Year! Step into the Lunar New Year Spanish Extravaganza at Kasa De Franko, where the spirit of the dragon comes alive in our Spanish lessons! Join us in this unique celebration, where each Spanish lesson becomes an immersive experience.

Embrace the cultural richness and linguistic charm with Kasa De Franko, as we turn language learning into more than just a class—it’s a joyous Lunar New Year fiesta!

Who’s Kasa De Franko?

Kasa De Franko, a Fun Spanish School from sunny California, is your authentic gateway to the Spanish way. With over a decade of serving Northern California, Kasa De Franko stands as a well-established language school in the heart of San Jose and the bustling San Francisco Bay Area.

Say: “Hola, Año Nuevo Lunar.”

As the drums echo through the streets and the aroma of dumplings fills the air, we at Kasa De Franko are saying “Hola” to Lunar New Year with open arms. Picture this: Spanish lessons infused with the energy of the dragon, where each “Buenos días” is as vibrant as a lion dance.

We’re not just teaching a language; we’re creating a fiesta of words! We welcome both kids and adults to our fiesta de ritmo, color y sabor y, especialmente, de clases gratis para todos.

Well! Let’s get the party started and start dancing…

Dance Your Way to Fluency

Ever tried learning a language through dance? At Kasa De Franko, we believe in moving and grooving our way to fluency. Our Spanish classes are not just about memorizing vocabulary; they’re about salsa steps, flamenco footwork, and maybe a touch of merengue for a good measure of words and phonetics when learning.

By the end of the class, you’ll be speaking Spanish and moving your hips—or better said, your lips—like a pro. Dance your way to fluency with our Free Spanish Programs throughout the dragon year. Book your free lessons at the end of this article.

Red Envelopes, Green Lights: Discounts Await!

In the spirit of Lunar New Year, we’re not just handing out red envelopes; we’re rolling out the green carpet of discounts! Sign up for a Spanish course during our Lunar New Year Extravaganza, and you might find your tuition fee doing a celebratory dance of its own.

Gong Xi Fa Cai meets ¡Viva la Fiesta! Enjoy all of our Pre-Basic Spanish and Early Bird Spanish courses with our “40 % Off Chinese New Year Sales.

The Dragon’s Guide to Conversational Spanish

Wondering how to strike up a conversation in Spanish? Fear not, because our Dragon’s Guide to Conversational Spanish is here to help. Learn phrases that will have you chatting like a local in no time.

Whether you’re bargaining for churros in Barcelona or ordering tacos in Mexico City, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Learn Spanish Speaking Program to find the right tutor for you with less than 10 USD $ (ten dollars) a session. Don’t miss our ¨Up to 30%¨ discount packages.

Serenade the Salsa, Tame the Tango

At Kasa De Franko, we believe in serenading the salsa and taming the tango. Our language instructors don’t just teach; they inspire. Imagine learning Spanish with a soundtrack of passionate guitar strums and the rhythmic beats of the bongo.

It’s a linguistic symphony that will have you singing “Despacito” with newfound confidence. Learning Spanish with music and rhythm in which we infuse our vast experience as linguists has been proven effective. Our students’ feedback is evidence that our methods work.

Cultural Potluck: ¡Vamos de Tapas!

Language is not just about words; it’s about culture. That’s why, during our Lunar New Year Extravaganza, we’re hosting a cultural potluck that’s more diverse than a Beijing street market.

Our programs are just that: Cultural Potlucks! We bring a bit of every Spanish speaking country to the table so we all can flavor it in every Spanish class.

Read what our student Vera Fainstein is saying about Kasa De Franko in our Google reviews: ¨I could not speak or understand Spanish before I started taking classes with Franko a year ago. Taking Spanish classes with Franko opened up a whole new world to me…¨

Dragon Dance Fiesta

What better way to immerse yourself in Spanish than with a dragon dance fiesta? Picture this: a majestic dragon weaving through the classroom, guiding students through pronunciation and cultural nuances.

Who needs textbooks when you have the wisdom of the dragon leading the way? Join our KDF Dragon on our three Kasa De Franko Spanish Socials we’ll conduct during the entire period of Lunar New Year’s celebration.

From Ni Hao to ¡Hola!

For those who have journeyed from Ni Hao to ¡Hola!, we celebrate your linguistic endeavors. Our Lunar New Year Extravaganza is a reminder that language learning is a voyage, and every phrase learned is a step closer to a world of new connections, friendships, and opportunities.

Is it now your time to move from Hello to Hola? Good to hear so! Then it is time to take advantage of our 20% Off on our Premium Beginners Spanish courses.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, ¡Vamos de Fiesta!

As the lanterns sway and the dragons roar, Kasa De Franko invites you to say “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to a new language adventure. Let’s ¡Vamos de Fiesta! into the world of Spanish together.

Who knew learning a language could be this much fun? Join your kiddo in our Family Lessons with a 30% discount. Learning a language together helps strengthening family bonds. Our children’s private programs also have a ¨Up to 30% Off¨. More? Get a $100 off an all group lessons for kids.

Fortune Favors the Bold Shopper

They say that shopping during the Lunar New Year brings good fortune. Dive into the Lunar New Year Sale and let fortune find you amidst a sea of unbeatable discounts. You know why? Our Premium Private & Semiprivate have a ¨Up to 30% Off.¨

Start laughing for getting at Kasa De Franko the best deals in the market when it comes to Spanish programs. Enjoy them as not even on Black Friday Kasa De Franko offered these deals.

Uncover the Joy of Laughter!

Laugh your way through life, and let laughter be your guide to learning! Laughter is the universal glue that keeps us all connected. Don’t forget, humor is a superpower that helps us bond across different languages and cultures.

Learning’s a Rollercoaster!

At Kasa de Franko, we get that learning Spanish can have its cringy moments. But hey, those awkward moments are all part of the learning journey. That’s why we’re dishing out free lessons for Chinese New Year’s.

If you’re up for a Spanish adventure, hop on board with Kasa De Franko’s virtual Spanish classes. Our awesome instructors will be your companions, sharing funny stories and giving you the inside scoop on the quirks of the Spanish language.

Ready for Some Language Blunders?

Sure, phrases like “¡Feliz Ano Nuevo!”, “¡Me Gusta la Chucha de tu Madre!” or “Can I molestate you?” might lead to some hilarious tales. But remember, learning a language is all about respect and cultural awareness. Embrace the diversity of languages and dive into the excitement of the Spanish-speaking world.

Hungry for More Spanish?

After Diving into the world of language bloopers, you can’t miss ‘Spanish is Sexy’ and ‘Dancing with Words.’ They’ll take your spicy Spanish vocabulary to the next level.

If interested in legends, traditions and folktales in the Hispanic culture, you can start by checking out our category Folktales and Legends. Don’t miss out our saga El sexi Chupacabras and the stories of La Llorona, La Ciguapa o La Santa Muerte.

Free Classes at KDF!

Snag a free session at Kasa de Franko to nail those everyday phrases. Our classes aren’t just about picking up slang; Spanish is a treasure trove of awesomeness. Redeem your free Spanish session today and hang out with other language enthusiasts. Hit the button below to kick off your language-learning bash.

Dive into the magic of Spanish and its endless possibilities, always keeping in mind:

Try to think before to speak Spanish


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