El español es sexy

Unleashing the Erotic Language

Beyond the token feature of any Spanish instruction, of merely naming the material items in the bedroom, comes a lesson about the hot, unbridled things people say before or during sex.  NSFW warning ahead. Buckle up! 

Do a simple Google search for “Spanish words in the bedroom,” and you’ll stumble upon the usual suspects: alarm clock, blanket, bed sheets, pillow, and closet. Yawn!

Things Spanish People Say in the Bedroom: boring on the laptop

How boring!

The items in a bedroom are secondary to all the mischief that is held within them.  Much more happens in the bedroom than only sleeping and punching alarm clocks:  Like chaka-chaka! 

The bedroom can be a place where deep passions and internal longings are played out like an Animal Planet mating special where male chimpanzees don’t ask nicely to sample the open buffet of females in the steamy hot jungle.

Hug with love

Disable Safe Search

A bit bored with our initial search results? Let’s flip off the safe search settings, change the search terms to “sexy Spanish bedroom talk” and behold a different slew of options. A whole buttload of them.

Hold on tight reader, we’re just turning you on, and preparing you for a humpy-bumpy ride through back alleys and rolling hills, where white frosting covers mountain peaks, and work takes a back seat to pleasure.


The Spanish Persuasion

When it comes to people that speak Spanish as a first language, you’d be hard-pressed to find one of them that doesn’t enjoy a sweaty romp in the bedsheets. We’re only human after all.

And the United States features the second-largest population of Spanish-speaking people in the entire world.

You have great odds to find a man or woman that can use their accent and foreign words to push you toward a climax like a blasting, spewing waterfall of wonderment.

Give me a kiss!

The Sexy Spanish Tongue Rolling

The Spanish language is sexy as are the people who speak it. And rolling your tongue up and down is even sexier–and not only when speaking Spanish.

Those of Latino descent typically have bronze skin, dark hair, and deep brooding eyes, and are incredibly attractive.

There’s something naturally sexy about a person speaking their natural language or using a foreign language in the bedroom.

Peruvians and other Spanish speakers are able to roll their “R’s” which can spice things up and make bedroom mates freak out.

Try saying ¨rorro¨ or ¨rorra¨ in bed and get ready for your partner´s reaction. Of course, people say, “yes or si” in their native language during sex. So, what do you say?

Eggs speaking Spanish!

¿De Qué Huevos Hablamos?

Even if your love-making partner utters, “mis huevos duros son deliciosos,” it will be enough for you to bite your lip and feel a surge of energy running to your lower midsection.

Pay no mind to the literal meaning in which they frankly stated that their hard-boiled eggs were delicious. Who cares! When it comes time to make some love, what words, expressions, and sentences emit from your lips in the grips of hot action?

“Oh yeaaaa,” comes to mind as well as, “mmmm it feels sooo good!” What about when those words are flipped and spoken in Spanish? Well, Mami and Papi, let’s find out, shall we?

Sweet Churro

Mojando el Churro

Mojar el churro means, “to dip one’s wick,” or “wet the doughnut,” and is often used as an expression for sex.

Getting down and dirty with someone means it’s time to ‘echar un polvo’ or have good old-fashioned sex.

Polvo means powder or dust, but in the Dominican Republic, Peru, and other countries, it is slang for a nut, like busting a nut.

“Tengo una bellaquera encima, me voy a tener que echar un polvo,” may represent, “I’m horny as hell, I gotta bust a nut.”

To rub the spring onion or “arrimar la cebolleta” or “franelear” are expressions used to describe close physical contact between two people, like dry humping.

Gay love

¿Estás Arrecho?

“Estar arrecho” in many Caribbean countries it could mean “I am mad” or “it is nice”. But in countries like Peru be careful where, when, and to who you say it. “Yo estoy arrecho”, in Peru, means I am horny.

Latinas and Latinos like to say “papi” or “mami” in the bedroom, meaning daddy/mammy in English, and respond this way when they want to be conquered in the bedroom.

They use these terms to express desire or to be affectionate with their partner. ¡Ay, papi! is equivalent to “oh daddy” in English or a horny way to refer to one’s boyfriend/partner while having sex.


¿Qué es Concha?

Concha or “shell” can mean an explicit word for a woman’s vagina, or “coño’, more simply, to mean pussy. “Rica” or “rico” can also be used to refer to delicious human being or a hot piece of ass. Culo is a dirty word for butt.

Chorizo doesn’t always stand for sausage. “Pecho” stands for breasts or “chichis”, which is a more playful word. “Bolsa” means sack, but you can guess what the dirty meaning is. You get the drift.

I don't want it.

No tengo ganas

“Ganas” means a desire, or an urge to do something. Tengo ganas de comer una hamburguesa (I feel like eating a hamburger) but if you only say “Tengo ganas” it can be replaced for quiero like I want or have a desire…for something—or to be more precise “te tengo ganas” I have a desire for you.

Maybe someone will say, “no tengo ganas de sexo” or I don’t feel like sex.

Doggy Style!

Doggy Style

“La voy a poner mirando a Cuenca” won’t be found in your Spanish dictionary, but it means to want to have doggy-style sex with someone. Note that the word “dog” doesn’t always have the same meaning in all cultures. ¨Perro* is the most common Spanish word for dog.

Don’t be like Mike Cocke when telling his girlfriend he liked her mom’s chucha. Oops! ¨Chucha/chucho¨ means dog in a few countries, but in Peru, chucha means vagina. Read ¨Me gusta la chucha de tu madre¨ to understand Mike’s slip.

I love you!

Te quiero muchísimo

Other sentences you might hear, “te quiero muchísimo,” means “I want you badly,” and “me encanta tu frangancia,” means “you smell good.”

To cut the foreplay and get straight to the heart of the matter say, “Hagamos el amor,” or “Let’s have sex.” Afterward, lying in bed, you can look at your partner and say, “Fue increible!” or “That was incredible!”

Reading articles

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Are you Ready for More Spanish?

Oh I see. I get it. You wanna learn Spanish before traveling to Peru? You can learn to speak this beautiful language by signing up for Spanish lessons online or in-person at Kasa De Franko.

You can speak this beautiful language by signing up for Spanish lessons online or in-person at Kasa De Franko.

You can learn to use your words to communicate with people you find attractive and then go do fun things without words, or where only minimal talking is required.

While we won’t do many lessons about these types of words or situations during class, nothing is off the table.

After all, not talking about sex is doing the world a disservice: We need babies to continue the human race don’t we?

And Yes! We all Latinos love to get immersed in reproductive activities. That’s why we have too many babies, don’t we?

Spanish Sexual Healing

We all need some sexual healing from time to time, or else we become starved for it and get all angry and weird, spending our time binging on Netflix when we should be learning how to speak Spanyol at Kasa De Franko—Fun Spanish School.

Of course, you will learn to use Spanish in all aspects of life, not just love and sex. Spanish is all around us, and we cannot avoid being involved in its influence.

Be Aware of the Power of Words!

While I don’t think it’s ok to use these words in everyday conversational Spanish with the Ice Cream Man or Postal Lady, I do think it has a place.

Learning some of these words and sentences demystify the Spanish language and humanize it—even makes it more fun.

It’s important to use these words and phrases in the right context and with the right people. They carry a powerful meaning, so it’s crucial to use them wisely.

You can always trust Kasa de Franko to help you during this difficult but rewarding process of learning the beautiful language of love: Spanish.

To avoid getting in trouble, let us help you understand that not even in Spanish, life is a fairytale. Ask Pedro!

…I Got Slapped!

Once Upon a Time, for not knowing enough English, I got slapped! Pedro said.

Beware what you say in Spanish and how you say it though because you just might get slapped.

This is a true story and may even happen to you for not knowing enough Spanish. Vote for Pedro tho!

If reading this article leaves you with a good taste in your mouth, why don´t you go for more and take advantage of one of our Kasa de Franko´s Free Lessons?

Dirty Talk in Spanish

Spanish Free Lesson

Taste a free lesson at Kasa de Franko, and learn these and other useful phrases you can use in life. Not everything is about sex, right?

To claim your Spanish Free Lesson, click on the red button below! And always remember!:

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