Free Private Spanish Evaluation For Kids

KiDeeF Free Spanish Evaluation!

Our 15-Minute KiDeeF Spanish Evaluation for Kids  is designed to assess your child’s proficiency in the Spanish language through a quick and interactive session. This evaluation is tailored for children of various ages and language backgrounds, aiming to gauge their Spanish language skills and comprehension.

What´s KiDeeF Spanish?

KiDeeF is a Kasa De Franko Program for Kids. Kasa De Franko, a well-established language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, offers free online Spanish evaluation  for children throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to get you kiddo started on their Spanish learning journey!

This is your best chance to help your kid take the first step towards fulfilling their dream of fluency in Spanish.

KiDeeF’s Methods

During the evaluation, our Kasa De Franko language educators will engage with the child in age-appropriate activities, games, and conversations entirely conducted in Spanish. This immersive approach allows us to observe the child’s listening, speaking, and comprehension skills in a natural and enjoyable setting. The assessment will cover key language elements such as vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure, and overall language fluency.

Working as a Team

Parents or guardians are encouraged to provide insights into the child’s exposure to Spanish outside the evaluation setting, such as home language use or any previous language learning experiences. This collaborative effort ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s language development.

Key Areas of Evaluation:

Listening Skills: Assessing the child’s ability to comprehend spoken Spanish.

Speaking Proficiency: Observing the child’s pronunciation, vocabulary use, and sentence construction.

Interactive Activities: Engaging the child in age-appropriate language-based games and exercises.

Comprehension: Evaluating the child’s understanding of simple instructions and questions in Spanish.

What to Expect After this Spanish Evaluation?

This brief and focused evaluation aims to provide valuable insights into the child’s Spanish language abilities. The results will assist language educators and parents in tailoring language learning strategies, ensuring an effective and enjoyable language acquisition process for the child.

Following the evaluation, we will discuss the results with parents or guardians to advise them on the appropriate level for their child.